A Guy’s Guide To Preparing For A Date

When you go on a date, you need to be well-prepared. There are many ways you can mess up. That’s why you need to know what you’re getting into. 

Read ahead to find out the best ways any guy can prep for date night.

Is She Who She Claims to Be?

If you used a major dating site like Flirtilla.com, you’ll definitely find someone who’s genuine.

You may find it weird that you have to worry about this. It’s not absurd as many people go by fake names or create fake identities. They may do this for shady reasons, like avoiding the cops or running away from home. Or else, they may be catfishing you.

Dating sites thoroughly verify their members so you know you’re with someone real. Otherwise, you’ll have to do some pretty heavy Googling.

Clean Your Car

If you have a date, it’s important that you clean your car as soon as possible. Most probably, you’ll be giving her a ride back. She can learn a lot about you by being in your car.

Unfortunately, what she learns may not always be positive. For example, your car could smell bad or be full of junk. This makes her think bad of you.

This could compromise the chances the two of you have which is a shame if you really like her.

Dress Well

You should look as good as you can on a date. No one wants to go on a date with someone who looks like a hobo, so it’s critical that you groom yourself accordingly.

Also, remember to get a hair cut and shave. With a fresh cut, pick out clothes that make you look smart and well-groomed.

If you have a horrible wardrobe, don’t be shy to go shopping for new clothes. It’ll help to take a member of the opposite sex with you as they’ll be able to get you the best outfit.

How Do You Smell?

You may look great, but if your body odour is off-putting, say goodbye to a wonderful night as she’ll be holding her breath the whole time.

Even if you don’t have this issue, you need to smell great. Be sure to whip out your best cologne as research has shown time and time again that scent matters when picking out a mate.

Similar to the above point, you can get a female friend to pick out a good perfume for you.

Be Confident

First dates can get pretty awkward. You’ve never met the other person, so the two of you may find it hard to open up. Such things happen to the best of us which is why you should practice what to say ahead. When you do this, you’ll come off as confident. This confidence helps you create a spark with your date. Everyone likes a person who is charming, so your date will feel the same way too!

You can get advice from friends and family, and they’ll be able to give you some tips on what to say. So keep this in mind.

Is The Venue Appropriate?

You may have not done enough research when picking out a venue. Ultimately, you might pick a spot that’s not the best for romantic dates.  For example, no one wants to spend the night at a hockey game or a bowling alley.

Although you might like these places, they may not be suitable for a first date as you can’t sit down and talk to the other person. What’s more, the atmosphere doesn’t scream romance.

Finding a location is easy. All you have to do is conduct a quick search online, so there are no excuses!

Can You Afford to Go on a Date?

Examine your wallet or check your credit before the big night. You should have enough to pay for the date.

At the end of the night, it would be pretty awkward if you realise you’re broke. What’s worse, you may not even have enough to pay for your half.

This is not only embarrassing but your date will form a bad impression of you.

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