How to Get a Second Date Each and Every Time

How many times have you thought that you had a real spark with a date only to never end up making it to Round 2? Well, if this is your experience, then you are certainly not alone. A surprisingly large number of people fail to get second dates.

The good news for you, though, is that not all hope is lost. As long as you follow the advice here, your odds will improve considerably. So, if you want to make sure that you get to see your date again, here is what you need to do:

Chat Before Meeting Up

Yes, you should always have a couple of conversations before meeting up with someone on the first date. Since most people meet up on dating sites such as anyways, this is certainly easy for you to do. Now, why should you make this effort?

Well, when you talk beforehand, it gives you the chance to learn about each other. In turn, you can figure out whether you are a good match or not. Also, you can use this time to be sure whether or not you are actually attracted to this person. The more that you have in common with one another, the better the chance of a second date.

Head Out During the Week and Go For Dinner

If you are like most people, then you probably prefer going on dates on the weekend. Your dates can be more leisurely and it is easier to be relaxed. Nevertheless, you should get into the habit of inviting someone to a first date during the middle of the week.

See, when you do this, you are automatically put a time limit on your date. Most people will call it a night pretty early since you have to go to work the next day. This, however, can be an advantage. When you “interrupt” a date, you leave the person wanting more. Thus, they will be more primed for a second date with you.

As for what you should do on the date, head out for dinner. Sure, going to a bar is often easier and gives off a more chilled out vibe. At the same time, it can make your date think that you are aiming for casual and that you aren’t all that interested in them.

On the other hand, if you ask them out for dinner, they will know that you are serious about your date. Due to this, they already expect that you are going to want to see them again. So, when you do ask them, they will be more likely to say yes.

Make Second Date Plans on the First Date

This is perhaps the most important rule – make plans to see your date again while you are on your first date. First of all, it shows them that this date is going great and that you are really into them. Secondly, it doesn’t leave any room for interpretation.

There is also the fact that you will be striking while the iron is hot. Your date is going to respond more positively while they are still basking in the glow of your great first date. This, naturally, puts you in an excellent position and you should take advantage of it.

As you can see, there isn’t any magic strategy for getting a second date. You simply have to know what you want and go after it the right way. After this, everything else will fall into place. So, the next time that you are out on a date, keep these suggestions in mind. They will serve you well both now and in the future as well.

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