How to Kiss: The Secrets Good Kissers Know Revealed

The last thing anyone wants to be labelled is a bad kisser! In many cases, kissing is often the first step to getting more hot and heavy with your partner. However, if you don’t have your make out skills on lock, you aren’t going to be moving any further.

The good news for you is that the solution to your problem is here. Below, you can find the top kissing tips to make a good impression every time. So, let’s get started!

Prep Your Lips

The first thing you need to ensure is that your pout is well-prepped. So, before you head out on your date, make sure to exfoliate your lips and wear some lip balm. This is good practice for both men and women. After all, no one wants to kiss someone with dry, chapped lips!

Pop a Breath Mint

If you are working up the courage for an after-dinner kiss, then you need to do something about your breath. So, pop a breath mint discreetly and freshen up. It’s a good idea to avoid gum at this point since it can complicate your make out session a little.

Lure In Your Partner

The best way to make sure your partner is in the mood (and get nonverbal consent at the same time) is to lure them into the kiss. So, gently lean in and brush your lips against theirs and then move away a bit. This lets you build up some serious sexual tension for a moment before your partner leans into you and kisses you back.

Start Off Gentle

There is such a thing as being overeager, especially if you are nervous about kissing someone. However, you should avoid lunging in and applying too much pressure. If you do this, you will simply end up clashing teeth with your make out partner. This is why you should always start off gentle and then slowly apply a little more pressure. Even then, make sure to watch yourself.  

Watch the Tongue!

One of the biggest complaints that most people have with their kissing partners is too much tongue! If you continue like this, your kiss will end up wet and sloppy. Not to mention, you will end up turning off your kissing partner as well. So, never start with tongue and when you are ready for some tongue action, just start with the tip. Also, don’t keep your tongue in your partner’s mouth for too long. Make sure to pull back every now and then.

Figure Out Your Hand Positions

Even seasoned kissers can be a little confused about where to put your hands. When you’ve just started the kiss, you can keep your hands on either side of their face and then work your way into their hair. After a while, you can pull them closer to you and wrap them up in an embrace. Resting your hands along their back or on their waist is fine as well.

Work in a Gentle Tug

In between kisses, lean back for a moment. Then, swoop in and gently tug on their bottom between their front teeth. Remember not to use too much pressure here. Worried about hurting them? Then use your thumb to gently dip their bottom lip instead before leaning in to kiss them again.

Adapt to Your Partner

Everyone likes something else when they are kissing. So, if you want to figure out whether your partner is into what you are doing, make sure to pay attention to their response. In case you are pulling out a move that your partner doesn’t like, you may feel them stiffen or not be as enthusiastic. If they like what you are doing, they will lean into it. In case you want to remove all doubt, simply ask them for their opinion.

Move Away from the Mouth

While a good make out session will be centred on the mouth, it doesn’t have to be solely focused there. If you really want to get your partner hot and bothered, pay attention to other sensitive areas on their face. This includes their jawline, ear lobes, and neck. Oh, and if you want to get cute, drop a couple of kisses on their forehead and nose – it will show them that you are really into them!

Keep It Simple

You are probably going to find a number of techniques on the internet or in magazines. However, do yourself a favour and keep things simple. After all, kissing is supposed to be enjoyable and not feel like homework. It is much better to lose yourself in the act then try and pull out all the stops.

These are the top tips you need to learn to become an expert kisser. So, find yourself a partner and give these a whirl. You will certainly be glad that you put them to good use. Once you’ve mastered the art of the perfect kiss then head over to and find that perfect match.

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