By 2040 Seventy Percent Of Couples Will Get Together Online

The internet is changing our lives. It’s made everything much easier, including dating. Technology keeps progressing which is why you’re going to see your life get better and better. In terms of what will keep improving, dating is at the forefront.

In the past, we didn’t have apps like Tinder or Happn. So people had to find love the old-fashioned way. This isn’t the case anymore as we have such apps at our disposal, drastically affecting our chances of finding the right person. So you can only imagine what will take place in a few decades.

In fact, research has shown that by 2040, seventy percent of couples will get together online. So, keep reading as we’ll be discussing the many ways technology can make this happen. If your looking to start early then check out for the ideal place to meet someone online.

Date In Virtual Reality?

When people think of virtual reality, they think of something very distant in the future. However, this isn’t the case as virtual reality is already around us. In fact, many games utilize it quite extensively.

By 2040, people would be able to date using virtual reality. You’ll be able to fully transform the virtual world. So, it will feel like you’re actually living in it.

This will be done through wearable technology that transfers all five senses to the artificial world. So, you can meet people from across the globe with ease and interact with them face to face.

It won’t feel different from the real world so you can have just as much fun. What’s more, as it’s not the real you, you’ll feel a lot more confident. This will help you find the right person as you have nothing to hold you back.

Genetic Research

Everything we do is a result of our genetics. This includes attraction as well. A study on genetics revealed that there were specific factors that affected how we formed relationships. Scientists found that it’s a biological instinct to find people who look attractive.

You find people attractive because your body wants you to mate with them, and create the best offspring. Thus it’s a primal drive and you’re ensuring the success of your species.

Unfortunately, studying a human gene can be very expensive. As of 2003, it was 650 million pounds. However, technology is progressing and we’re finding ways to cut down this cost. That’s why by 2040, it’ll be incredibly cheap to fully dive into our genes.

With a good look at this, we’ll be able to do some heavy research into how we find others attractive. So, scientists could use this information to adjust this primal instinct in people.

What Are You Into?

Technology has really made our lives easier. What’s best about this is that we keep modifying and taking it further. So, we could have a piece of tech that tracks our behavior, finding someone that fits our picture of the ideal partner.

This is called behavior-based tracking and it can be done through the aid of smart lenses, worn in contacts. These lenses could analyze the type of people you look at often. It would interpret this data as attraction, feeding it into dating sites and apps.

With this information logged in, the dating platform could easily find the kind of person you’re looking for.

This won’t just happen because of smart lenses. Our phones may develop in a way that lets us track the people we’re interested in, such as through internet searches.

Who Are You?

Behavior-based matching also tracks what type of person you are. By having a device like a smart lens at your disposal, it can track how you react to certain situations and people. This data will be logged into a dating platform, finding someone you will be compatible with.

You’ll find that this person finds you attractive as well. This is because the smart lens would show you the type of people you’re most likely to gravitate towards.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a part of our lives already. It’s taken the world by storm and is the future of our world. As of now, artificial intelligence isn’t really used on dating platforms, other than helping with algorithms.

However, this may not be the case in 2040, as there will be new ways to make AI a part of our lives permanently. We will have tools at our disposal linked to artificial intelligence, or even as a part of us.

While on a date, AI would be able to track how well your conversation is going by monitoring your date’s microaggressions. So, you know what to say and what not to say.

It could also help come up with juicy conversation topics as it could run an internet search on your date. Thus, you’ll have a lot of information at your disposal, allowing you to find something to talk about that the two of you will find interesting. Sites like are where you can find dates and meet your partner online.

It can also help you once you’re in a relationship. AI could give you objective solutions to problems you and your partner might have.

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