Five ways to meet women during the cold winter months

Let’s face it; dating can sometimes be an unsolved mystery that pushes even the most sensible man over the edge. Meeting women is difficult enough under normal circumstances, but when adding another dimension into the mix, the possibility of any successful encounters drops drastically. Of course, the dimension I refer to is the Winter-(not-so)-Wonderland! When mischief-maker Jack Frost applies his special brand of annoyances to your region, it can throw even the coolest cat, pick-up artist into a panic. First, the temperature drops, then the roads become hazardous and finally, people start going straight home after work and staying in. Suddenly, those local pick-up joints are as deserted as a tanning salon in the Mojave Desert. In different terms, you might think of your love-life as a resort and the winter months as the‘off season’…but it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than giving-up and filing for romantic bankruptcy, you should try these suggestions for meeting women during the colder months.

Gyms, Clubs, Classes

Dating at Gyms

Fitness-minded people are not deterred by a little bad weather. They will always find a way to get in their cardio or pump some iron. Additionally, it’s still warm and cozy in the gyms, so why not re-new that membership and work on a possible relationship while working on your body at the same time? In fact you’re actually benefitting in several areas with his proposal: One, you would be exposed to a lot of women who, by the way, care about their body image; two, you will also be working on your own physical development; and finally, by exercising, you will become more comfortable with yourself and project a new air of confidence, and we all know, women are attracted to men with confidence. Another great way to meet is to sign up for classes or attend club meetings with people who share a common interest as you. Stick to areas that you truly want to learn, and you’ll be sure to meet people you’re compatible with. It’s a good possibility these people share the same passions for the same things you do. Discussing a topic of shared interest is a wonderful ice-breaker, and can go far depending on how compatible you are, to begin with. Simply sitting next to an attractive woman during a lecture opens a lot of doors, so break-out the books and go get educated. Joining a club or volunteering for a particular issue is another way of meeting women, especially if it is an issue you are truly passionate about. Most women can detect phony participants, so be honorable in their desires to help, not just a hunter looking to get closer to their prey.

Online Dating

This is our recommended option as we have heard many stories of people that have found dates and romance online. Sites such as sexymeets and Flirtilla are some of the best options for dating online. Staying out of the winter elements is as easy as the internet. Staying warm and cozy in the comforts of your home is like having your cake and eating it too. With the advancement of technology, meeting on-line is virtually almost like meeting in person. At any rate, it is a quick, efficient method to get to know someone before an actual meeting, and since it is only a few keys away, the number of possibilities is unlimited. You aren’t waiting for that beautiful woman to come into your life or hoping your latest crush suddenly walks into the coffee shop while you’re there. There are hundreds of women for whom you already have information on thanks to the internet, and they’re all at your fingertips. Dating sites are not a new method by any means, but they are consistently effective and proven through a recent study that shows that one-third of all relationships began with an initial meeting online. Online is also easy on the pocketbook. Much can be learned about romantic possibilities without spending a dime. It’s not like sitting at a bar and buying drinks all night for the chance of getting a number at the end of the night. On-line means you’re in control of the situation, and money is not the investment you’re making, time is. You can limit the time you need to invest in an outcome. Anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours a day can be spent meeting women online and you can manage the time spent responding to these women at your own leisure.  

Social Gatherings

Just because people tend to hibernate during the cold season, doesn’t mean you are obligated to disappear and forget about all the networking you did during the warm months. Don’t ignore those contacts you’ve spend so long cultivating. Create an event. Invite some people over. Coordinate an outing involving the people you enjoy being around. At the same time, encourage them to invite their friends to the activity. Promote a “The More, The Merrier” attitude and hopefully, you’ll generate excitement and grow your personal network while enjoying the winter months together. Throwing a small party might be the way to get the ball rolling. While the party is in full session, mention some of the social events currently running and see who might be interested. The key is to steadily expand your own social circle with new people, some of whom may become more than just friends. People, women in particular, are much more accepting of invitations when a group is involved. Take full advantage of this, and assemble an on-going social circle that likes to do the same things you like.

Winter Sports and Activities

As the saying goes, ‘When given a lemon, make lemonade.’ With so many winter-time opportunities, why must the colder months send a chill down your spine? Rather than being negative about the change in whether, look at it as a change in venue. You won’t see the same type of woman at a hockey game as you would an opera, yet are they not both desirable partners? This network of people you have slowly molded is specific to certain venues; those you were attending during the warmer months. Although a large percentage of people cross-over from summer to winter activities, there are those people who prefer to remain in their comfort zone. So, the possibility of meeting new and different women may be as easy as venturing into the winter-time festivities yourself! The fact is, some guys wait all summer to get the chance to hot-dog down the slope as the snow bunnies giggle in delight or snuggle-up to a warm beverage in a ski chalet with a beautiful, snowsuit-clad hottie. Snow and fridge temperatures can be an aphrodisiac if orchestrated properly. What’s sexier than sitting in front of a floor-to-ceiling, river-rock fireplace of a snow-covered chalet in the mountains? The snow and ice need not be a romantic distraction; research for local events and activities sponsored only during the cold season, and you’ll find a wealth of available women just waiting for their woolly bear to warm them-up!

Coffee Shops

Few beverages pacify the chill of bone more than a warn cup of Joe, and coffee shops are infamous for their comfortable seating and calming atmosphere. It is here where many a woman likes to relax and reflect on the day. It’s also a perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation or cultivate a possible relationship. Depending on the policy of the coffee shop, most have no limit of time you can spend there, so bring a book (makes you look interesting) or a working project (makes you look productive); best yet, bring your notebook and write. What woman can resist a guy enjoying his favourite brew while composing the next best seller?

Meet women everywhere

Needless to say, what does the weather have to do with meeting women? Be in the moment! Most women want someone spontaneous, someone, who’s not discouraged by small obstacles. Cold, winter days are no different than hot summer days; take advantage of what is offered and do with it the best as you can. The attitude you carry is what determines successful interchanges or not. Don’t think any pre-set scenario is going to allure the women your way. As the late Robin Williams declares in Dead Poets’ Society, ‘Carpe diem. Seize the day!”

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