Which Male Halloween Costume is More Likely to Get You Laid

For the Men

Male costumes can be a bit of a tricky thing to get right on Halloween. This is because you have to walk the fine line between sexy and douchey. Make the wrong step and you will end up sending women running in the opposite direction. To make sure that you get it just right, here are the top ideas…

Captain America

Ladies love Cap. Sure, Chris Evans has a lot to do with this but there’s no reason that you can’t make this work in your favor. So, if you have a bod like this superhero, it’s time to find a well-fitted suit, complete with a shield so that you don’t have to explain your costume all night long. Oh, and if you throw in that “aw shucks” attitude that the Cap has going on, you are definitely going to get lucky.

Driver from the Movie ‘Drive’

Sure, Drive was a few years ago. However, if there is one thing that women can’t resist, it’s Ryan Gosling, especially as this character. What’s more, this outfit is pretty easy to put together. A white blood-spattered t-shirt, a white bomber jacket, and driving gloves will help you set up the look. And since you’re staying in character, remaining monosyllabic will actually work in your favor. 


Firemen are pretty much the standard on Halloween. The good news, though, is that with the right touches, it can still have a great effect on women. So, try to stay as close to a real fireman’s outfit as possible and leave those joke-shorts to the posers. Ladies still love a man in a uniform so they should be drawn to you all night long. Of course, you can feel free to forget your shirt if you have been putting in the time at the gym.

Sexy Fireman

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