Top 10 Effective Dating Guidelines For Men Out There (Written by a woman)

It is only natural that all kinds of questions and concerns creep into your mind prior to your new first date and also following that date. Because of this, we have compiled a list of dating guidelines intended for the men out there which will help to ensure that your date is successful in the long run.

Questions, questions…

It is a fact that dating can prove to be a rather complicated business. What should you wear? Where you ought to meet? How much you should say? Who should be paying? How soon should you make that call after your date? With so many queries, it is extremely difficult to make the right decisions regarding your date. In this article, you’ll come across some effective dating guidelines which can help men out in their approach to dating women. (If that is what you are actually into!).

1. First impressions are always important

You might consider those tatty old ripped jeans to be some kind of lucky charm for you but how is your date supposed to guess that? It is important to bear in mind that what you are wearing is going to be the first impression that your date will be getting about you. While you don’t want to come across as somebody you really are not and give a false impression it’s a good idea for a girl to see that you take a little pride in your appearance: you can bet your bottom dollar that you date has – take it from us girls! While we’re not suggesting that you need to run out and buy a new tuxedo or Armani suit, choose something nice to wear that suits the occasion. A little personal grooming can go a long way so don’t neglect that shower and shave and make sure you smell nice. Make the effort and reap the rewards. Now, you all you need to worry about is meeting your date on time!

2. Go somewhere you feel comfortable

It is a sure fact that dating can prove to be a rather unnerving experience in the early stages. In case she is requesting that you pick her up at some spot, try to ease your nerves by arranging to meet her somewhere that you know well to save any confusion. You might want to suggest going somewhere that you know well so you’re going to feel much more relaxed in the long run. However, make a point of staying away from places you enjoy hanging out with your buddies, like the Saturday night pub, since this is only going to interfere with your meet-up with your date and detract from the undivided attention you should be giving her.

3. Be self-assured

Another well-known fact is that being confident about your self will help you to can be a recipe for success in many walks of life. In case you happen to be somewhat shy, it will be a sensible idea to run through what kind of things you could say in advance by talking to people you know who might be a bit more practiced in this area. Also, while you’re together with your new partner, make a point of trying to talk about things you both might be interested in, for example, a hobby, film or type of food you both love eating. You will naturally come across as more confident if the topics are familiar to you and your girl will be able to feel your confidence and this will definitely impress her while leading to a natural conversation. Remember, too many individuals don’t feel that confident about their own appearance; you might not be a tall and handsome 6 foot tall gym god with an awesome six-pack, but being a happy person who comes across as being comfortable with your self will help you to appear attractive to your partner while you are creating your first impressions of each other.

4. Let the girl talk!

While you are with your date, make sure to refrain from doing all the talking yourself. If your date does go smoothly, there will be many more opportunities available to share your important stories in the upcoming days. Do not feel intimidated by pauses and moments of silence as this are natural parts of any conversation. Try to mix up your topics of conversation and see which ones seem to be of most mutual interest. It is important to listen to what she is saying while she is talking to make sure you come across as interested in what your date wants to tell you. Most important of all, keep this impression up by asking questions – my father always used to tell me not to trust a guy who never asks you about yourself!

5. Keep your conversation humorous

It is important to keep your conversation enjoyable and light-hearted. When dating for the first time, there is no need for you to get involved in any deep or heavy conversations like why you are so unhappy in your present job or why you feel the end of the world is nigh. Although you will need to be serious at some points, try to keep your chats fun and light hearted. They say laughter is the best medicine and it is also a very good way to a girl’s heart. Have fun with her.

6. Avoid talking about your ex!

Speaking about your ex is not advisable on your first date. This might seem blindingly obvious, but from my own personal experience and stories told by my girlfriends, this is far from uncommon! On a first date, it is not appropriate and makes us feel awkward. Believe us, we will ask you about it (no doubt in detail!) when we are ready and the time is right. In case this subject happens to come up during your conversation, try to keep any info short and sweet. Long monologues about an ex-partner are a total turn off – don’t go there! Flirting with attractive waitress every time she comes to your table is also not recommended.

7. Switch off your mobile

Nobody likes to hear the sound of ringing phones in the middle of conversations, particularly while you’re spending time with your special one. Don’t simply put the mobile phone on vibrate or silent since it might still distract you eventually. Unless you are really waiting for some life-changing news, make sure that your phone is switched off completely and your girl will appreciate this gesture and the knowledge that she has your undivided attention.

8. Share the bill

In case you’re dating a feminist, the majority of the females are going to presume that they are going to pay for their own share of the bill. It might be a good idea to get this straight at the beginning of your date, just so both of you are on the same page. Trying to impress by flashing the cash may not set the right standard if you are looking for a partner who wants to spend a lot of time with you due to the fact that she loves you, not just because she believes she has found her financial savior, unless of course, that’s the kind of relationship that you want to cultivate – in which case, good luck with that!

9. Follow up accordingly

In cases where you feel that you do not want to have a second date, do not tell her that you’re going to call her and then not do so. This is unfair and can be quite hurtful for us girls in the long run and doesn’t do much to enhance are opinions of men in general. Be honest and simply inform her that you had a great time together tonight but don’t feel that she is the kind of partner who you are looking for. She may be feeling the same. In case you are not quite sure if you would like to see her again, do not play games about this either. Leave it open without making false promises and if you don’t make any contact over the next two or three days, that will be enough to imply that you are not interested in her.

10. Get some feedback from a female friend

We are not proposing to be able to turn any man in a dating master and he needs to hone these skills himself from the experience gained by being able to gauge how a date has gone and why it went that way. However, you like to take our advice from a neutral point of view. It might be sensible to talk to a trusted female friend of yours who can offer constructive feedback. Talk about your last date, where exactly you ventured out, what activities you did together and what topics you discussed. Everybody has got different opinions but it may be really useful and help you answer some of those questions that are still in your mind.

Let us hope that our suggestions in this article have provided you with much more confidence in your approach to dating women. To find plenty of potential willing dates to practice with, head on over to sexymeets.club, and remember you do not need to pay anything to join. Register today.

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