Testing Dating Sites in Finland

The idea of a dating site may be daunting at first, but you will soon realize it can be incredible fun to chat with different people. The Finnish online dating scene is exceptionally lively and active, and it can be tricky to narrow down which platform to join. We sampled most of the sites in a bid to discover the one that is worth your investment and came up with the guide below:

Pay Sites are Better

Our most accommodating site was sexymeets.club since you can use all the basic features for free even though it is a pay website. A user can browse through various profiles and even send a couple of messages for free at the beginning and then you need to collect points in order to interact. This can be done in a number of ways, including providing additional information, uploading photos and daily logins. Ultimately, though, you will have spend some cash if you want to send more than just a few messages.The fear of getting spam is understandable, which is why sexymeets.club enables you to disable the email from being visible on your profile.

To check on how active the members were, we sent messages to women. We were surprised to receive genuine replies. The users on the site appeared to be more vested in interactions since they pay per message if they upgrade their membership.

A common issue with websites presenting monthly subscriptions is that it can be difficult to opt out of the subscription. On sexymeets.club, however, you use only the points necessary to pursue the potential mates who have appealed to you. When using the site, you will have to refrain from spamming women. The females on sexymeets.club value worthwhile connections, and the women we conversed with were enthusiastic about communication.

We sought users who had used sexymeets.club to detail their experience of using the site:

Zaavetti (35, Helsinki)

Taavetti: sexymeets.club immediately interested me when I joined since I reached out to girls in my area who were eager to chat with me. I had used other websites before and was hesitant because I was used to women selling services and asking for my email. I was impressed by the lack of girls like that on sexymeets.club. The site seems to have solid customer support and security systems. I directed my efforts to pursue three girls and availed myself for a date with one of them. I liked her a lot, and it turned out the feeling was mutual. We are currently engaged and have no more need for dating sites.

Another user, Siiri, shared her experience on sexymeets.club

Siiri (28, Tampere)

Siiri: I have signed up to numerous dating websites, both on a monthly subscription and free. My inbox was continuously flooded with messages from guys, and it was hard to focus on a few conversations. Sexymeets.club turned out to be quite different. There seem to be many women on the platform because when I declined a meeting proposal from a guy because I thought it was premature, they turned their attention to other women. Thankfully, I stumbled upon a man who was sufficiently patient to understand that I wanted to develop a meaningful connection with a potential partner before a meeting. We are not using dating sites anymore because we are currently in a relationship.

Free Dating Sites

After exploring a variety of dating platforms, we are wary of free sites and would not recommend them. Most of the websites have thousands of male profiles in comparison to female ones. To test the effectiveness of these free platforms, we reached out to 100 women with 100 messages. We got one short generic reply in return. Members in pay sites are, without a doubt, more responsive, mainly because they have channeled money towards interactions and are more invested. When it comes to an online dating platform, you do not want to waste time on sites with non-serious users.

Dating Sites with Monthly Subscription

After sampling different dating platforms, we would not recommend websites with a monthly subscription either. Generally, users lack access to the major tools of these sites until they sign up for a monthly subscription. With sexymeets.club, you get access to the major functions and several messages free of charge. Subscription packages typically provide users with unlimited messages. In a quest to maximize the money sent, most guys send many spams to women, and your serious message will likely drown in this sea of spam.


Dating has become a fun experience, thanks to numerous dating platforms accessible from our phones and computers. You may join a free site to save money, but you will realize that these websites will not help your quest for a partner. The most effective platforms are pay sites like sexymeets.club, where you spend money to pursue specific users.

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