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Pickup lines have to be among the most misused tools by men in their quest for interaction with stunning women. The misinformed assumption that there is a magic phrase that will make a woman succumb to your charm is prevalent all over the world. I hate to break this to you, but the reality is that there is no such magical line that will have her swooning over you, although pickup lines can still be used to varying degrees of success.

The definition of a pickup line is quite dynamic as it differs from one person to another. When I hear the term pickup line, I envision a set of words used to tease out a particular reaction from a woman. The line is often pre-memorized and used indiscriminately by some men until they strike lucky . Pickup lines routinely fail to elicit the intended outcomes, but they can be successful on a consistent basis once mastered as an art. The routine and the opener are the two most common types of pick-up lines used in dating scenes worldwide.

The Pickup Line as an opener

‘The Opener’ is used to initiate a conversation with a lady. Ten years ago, the opener “What is your Sign” was the most commonly used phrase by men but it’s corniness and lack of context thankfully became obvious to even the most ‘unaware’ males out there. Enter the slightly less corny phrase “I need a female opinion” which has been adopted and used to varying degrees of success by men trying to meet women. This favored line does its job perfectly by opening up a conversation.
You may be wondering why you need a lengthy opener when a simple “Hi” will suffice but beautiful women attract plenty of guys, so there is an incentive to stand out. A complicated opener will get the woman more involved in the conversation so that you have enough time to impress them and get their contacts.

‘The Routine’

‘The Routine’ resembles the opener, but it is used later on in a conversation. It can be short or lengthy, and it aims to sprinkle humor in the interaction, to escalate touch, or to even trigger an emotional reaction in the woman. Routines can be stories, games, one-liners, or even answers to complex questions that you have thought about and added to your verbal arsenal. They can be used to advance the interactions from openers to normal conversation or to build attraction and comfort.

Routines are tricky to use, however, as you have to use them appropriately in a conversation. Basically, a routine will either make the woman feel impressed or make you look weird. You, therefore, have to a bit careful when using them.

There are varying stances when it comes to the use of pickup lines. Some people equip themselves with a stack of routines and openers to attract women. The thing about pickup lines is that they are powerful when applied effectively. Take a club scene, for example, the beautiful girl you are eyeing has probably heard the standard “Can I buy you a drink?” one too many times. Good pickup lines can show a degree of effort is being made, especially if they are well thought-out. The key is to avoid overthinking. The phrases are meant to be a fun way to spark conversations and when well-used, they can help get attention from ladies.

Pickup lines have however become more mainstream, and quite generic as a result. Women are, on the other hand, informed when it comes to pickup lines and because the lines catch on fast, they may well have already heard the line that you intend to use. There is also the additional risk of making a fool of yourself.

Pickup lines and routines generally only ignite the first spark of attraction and it is not a good idea to rely on pickup lines entirely. Once the woman’s attention is caught, though, you can then move on to having a normal conversation.

While these kind of approaches may work with some women, other potential daters appreciate a more natural approach more when it comes to meeting them. Your personality should be more than enough to sustain exciting conversations. Working on your overall strategy to sparking up conversations will ensure that you are consistent in attracting women and relying on your personality and confidence will help you better establish long-term relationships. Sprinkling your interactions with several tested lines can, however, add a little fun and laughter into situations if not overdone.

Pickup Lines Vs. Natural Game

In conclusion, I think that both pickup lines and your personality can yield excellent results when used together. Routines and openers can help to spark up that initial interaction after which your inner game will take over. If you are just entering into the dating scene, pickup lines can help to build the confidence that you might be lacking in the presence of lots of attractive women. If you are a more seasoned dater, you will probably have a couple of lines ready to be deployed to catch a woman’s attention and regardless of your skill level, the contribution of pickups lines cannot be overlooked. The trick is learning to use them well.

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