Testing Dating Sites in the Netherlands

The Dutch have their own dating practices which are best experienced on online dating forums. It can get overwhelming to identify the one to join, which is why we signed up for most of them to summarize our experience below:

Pay Sites are Better

We loved sampling sexymeets.club as we got to use all the features for free even though it is ultimately a pay website. A user can evaluate various profiles and send some messages for free. You get access to additional features if your email is verified. The website makes it possible to disable an email on your profile, so you do not have to be concerned about spam.

We were eager to start sending messages to women, and they were incredibly responsive. Since members pay per message if they upgrade their membership, they are more serious about communication. After your quota of free messages is done, you can buy coins at different price points. The money you spend will be guided by how excited you are in talking to the woman as well as the value per buck.

Having used subscription websites, we are aware of the frustration that comes about when you are trying to unsubscribe from packages. This is what makes sites like sexymeets.club a refreshing alternative. You use the money that you are committed to spending. The women on the website expect genuine interactions, so spamming is not welcome. The females who responded to us were surprisingly interested in interacting with us.
To gain more insight into the experience on the site, we contacted Lars, a user of sexymeets.club who detailed his experience below:

Lars (34, Amsterdam)

Lars: I immediately liked sexymeets.club the minute I signed up, as I contacted girls close to my area of residence. I had been disappointed continuously by women on other platforms, who requested for my email and tried to sell services. Sexymeets.club has clearly invested in good support and security structures as they are no women with such behavior. Three women caught my eye, and after chatting, I met with one of them for a date. It turned out she liked me, and with the feeling being mutual, we began a relationship and are now engaged. I do not regret joining sexymeets.club as I met the love of my life.

Another user, Fleur, also shared her experience on sexymeets.club:

Fleur (29, Utrecht)

Fleur: My online dating experience involves both monthly subscriptions and free sites. I was overwhelmed by the endless stream of messages I would receive from guys, and it was hard to focus on a handful of conversations. This was hardly the case on sexymeets.club. It seems that there are more women than men on the site because men quickly shift focus to another girl when you decline meeting them. It is common for a guy to propose meeting on the initial day of interaction. I am more interested in getting to know a person before I meet them. Luckily for me, I met a man who understood my preference for taking things slow. We are currently together with no more need for dating sites.

Free Dating Sites

Free dating sites may seem like a good option because you will not be spending money, but it is not until you sample their services that you realize that they are not. We signed up to a few of them which seem to have thousands more male profiles compared to female ones. To test the effectiveness of these sites, we send a hundred message to 100 women, only to receive a short generic reply. This was a discouraging scenario compared to the enthusiastic messages we had received on sexymeets.club. Users of pay sites are more invested in interactions since they have spent money and effort in meeting new people.

Monthly Subscriptions

We also sampled websites with monthly subscriptions and found that they are also not very effective. Generally, users cannot access major functions until they opt for a subscription. The subscription equips a user with unlimited messages. In a bid to maximize the money spent, guys resort to spamming women with generic messages. Your messages will get lost in this maze of spams.


If you want to take online dating seriously, then sexymeets.club is for you. You may try to save money with free sites or use a lot of it to take advantage of subscription packages. A lot of time will be wasted on these platforms, however, as your money and efforts are best-utilized on pay sites.

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