Review of Match.com

Review Of Match.com


Over all



  • Quiz Feature
  • Works well on Mobile phones and Tablets


  • user on a trial membership is limited on the functions they can access


The online dating scene has come a long way in matchmaking. Match.com was among the pioneers of this industry, having established a web presence in 1995. It has spread its brand to 25 nations and territories and runs websites in 15 different languages. Match.com has a lot of experience in understanding what people want, and they are constantly adding innovating features to make matchmaking easy and hassle-free for their clients. Their mission is as simple as helping single individuals find the kind of relationships they desire. In the current era, there are many ways of connecting people and Match.com is at the forefront of this love revolution.

How Match.com Works

Match.com provides several writing sections for singles to detail their interests and preferences. You can display as many as 26 photos on your profile. Members can view photos and evaluate the profiles of potential matches in their localities with the click of a mouse. Match.com takes security and integrity seriously which is why any communication between its clients unfolds over an ‘anonymous’ email network. The names and any other contact information remain confidential unless a member shares this willingly with another user. Every photo and profile is screened by the customer care staff to ensure it is appropriate for the site.

Signing Up at Match.com

New users can opt for a trial account to sample the features of the site. You will give basic information when signing up including your gender, location, relationship status, interests, appearance, lifestyle, background and values, brief introduction, and the desired attributes of your date. A user on a trial membership is limited on the functions they can access. For full functionality, opt for a paid account. Subscribed users can send and review messages and can see the members that have evaluated their profiles.

A paid account lets you keep track of essential connections like the members you have sent winks to. You can remove links you do not intend to pursue on the search bar. This tool is particularly useful when you want exciting suggestions on your page. You also get a dedicated email address to interact safely and privately with other members.


Match.com boasts numerous features to spice up your online dating experience.

  • Communication tools

The communication and viewing features on the site include mail messages, photos, profiles, and email read notifications. Your page will have notifications of the members who have read your messages. Users can send one VIP email weekly. This email resets each Monday, and it is typically highlighted in the receiver’s inbox.

  • Mobile Support

The dating experience in Match.Com is ideal because it is available for mobile phones. The mobile experience has all the main features accessible on the website. You can update profiles, search for matches, or send emails and messages. The mobile service also sends email or message alerts when your account receives winks or messages. Dating applications have also been developed for Windows, iOS or Android phones. The applications are easily downloadable to enable you to take the online dating experience with you when you are out and about. You can further search for potential mates based on your phone’s location!

  • Quiz

The quiz feature lets registered users select a maximum of 20 prewritten queries that are attached to the profile so that interested members can view and answer them. This tool is designed to give more insight into a member’s character and also to initiate flirting.

  • Advanced Features

Match words is a search filter with which you can search for particularly tag words like dance or adventurous. It will display the profiles that match the searched tag from which you can choose the most appealing profiles. You can use the reverse matches tool to discover the members looking for a profile like yours although you are not actively looking for them.

The daily mutual matches tool is designed to work on compatibility basis where you view a list of members with a high probability of being interested in your profile. You can use date spark to propose a date, and members can respond if the proposed activity is appealing to them. You can list a maximum of 100 favorite users at a time and keep track of the potential mates you intend to interact with.

  • First Impressions

This tool is accessible to paid members who are sent a list of possible matches daily. If a member on the list catches your eye, Match.com sends an email to them. A member is ejected from the list if you do not have an interest in them. These choices also inform Match.com of your preferences, and they will keep updating this and sending a better-suited list for you.

International Dating

Match.com understands that love is universal and accommodates different cultures on its platform. It has a vibrant presence in Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe. Match.com also has global offices in Tokyo and Beijing. This website has a lot of great features although we recommend flirtilla.com or sexymeets.club.

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