Still single? Why not try this? (For Men)

Work on Yourself

This may involve cultivating your interests and talents, working on your grooming routine and wardrobe, getting fit or going to some kind of therapy (yes you may have to seek professional help). Whatever you do, you have to become the best person you can be. When you improve and become the best version of yourself, you will become more confident and this will result in people giving you more respect and treating you differently.

Not everyone is blessed with the good looks, money, charm or the other stereotypical qualities that most men think are necessary to have a great dating life. However, if you think that you are unattractive, unlovable and undateable, it will show in your demeanor. The important thing to know is that no situation is permanent and you can always find someone that likes your type.

Whatever aspect of your life you decide to improve (you can tackle several at one time) should work towards creating a better version of yourself. In fact, many women love and find guys that are trying to improve themselves very attractive. Ambition and the humility to recognize your faults are aspects of your personality that you need to cultivate to improve your dating life.

Think About How You Approach Women

If dating women is not your thing, then you this section is not for you. However, if you intend to improve yourself in this area, then you need to pay attention. Many women find it very unattractive when a man does not show them due respect.

You need to critically analyze yourself for any negative perceptions you have of women. You will only start getting better results when you change your perspective about women and start treating them like your equals in your interactions. You will be surprised at how many women will be interested in having a relationship once you start treating them right. Try to show interest in women’s experiences with misogynistic men and sexism to get their perspective on how women expect to be treated. Find online advice or read books on how you can become a better feminist. Once you have the knowledge, put it into practice and you should see your dating life improve. You will be grateful for having learned how to respect women, and the women in your life will also love the new version of a respectful person that you are becoming.

Sign Up for a Dating Site or App

This might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but in the modern dating world, you need all the help you can get. If you do not have a profile for a dating app or dating website of any kind you are missing out on a lot of opportunities that are out there. There are tons of women on dating apps and websites such as and who are looking for a person just like you and you will not get access to these potential mates if you are not signed up.

Online dating has become very popular over the past two decades and these days it is very common to find couples that first met online. A lot of people are finding dates online as using these significantly increases the pool of women you are ‘exposed’ to. Moreover, it is easier to find someone who is interested in going out with you online than through random meetings in public. Since women on dating sites are actively looking for dates, they are more likely to say yes than someone you meet at for example, the mall, who may not even be looking for a relationship.

If you are seriously looking for a relationship, then you definitely need to be on at least one dating app or website in 2019. If you are not looking for hookups and cringe at the thought of sites such as Grindr or Tinder, you can always find something that caters for your demographic. There are tons of websites that cater to practically every subculture, niche and demographic out there.

Put Yourself Out There

If you have always been shy, you may need to overcome it to get successful at dating. Set a goal of getting out more and making an effort to put yourself out there. Whether it be reaching out more, asking people out more, messaging more people on clicking that ‘like’ button on more people, you need to set a goal and work hard to hit it.
You can only get opportunities to date and get into a relationship when you are putting yourself out there. You need to be asking questions like “Want to get a drink sometime?” or “Hey, do you want to see a movie” before you can get to the “Lets be exclusive” conversation.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

One of the things that may have hindered your success could be that you have not put in the effort required. If you like someone but do not have the guts to ask them out or be honest about how you feel about them, you will significantly reduce your chances of success.

A lot of men get caught up in the trap of ‘the time is not right to ask her out’ which for the most part is just fear of getting rejected. If you need to increase your chances with someone you have to take that chance of getting rejected while adopting the mew mantra of ‘there’s now time like the present.’

Do not let the time pass by without telling your crush what you feel about them. It will cost you nothing and it is actually a win/win situation. If they like you, you get to have a relationship and if they don’t you can move on and find someone that does like you back!

Don’t Fear Failure

Fear is often at the heart of the struggle to find a relationship. If you skipped a few sections above, at least take this one advice: never let fear hold you back from finding true happiness.

Many people never achieve their greatest dreams in life because they never try for fear of failing. If you never want to experience the beautiful moments of passion and love, then that is fine but if you do, then you must try.

If you do not want to be alone, you need to deal with your fear and do something even if it means you will be shot down several times. You have to do whatever it takes and commit to make 2019 the year that you find a relationship. You will stumble and fall a few times and you may find yourself looking for advice online a year from now. However, even if you have not had success, at least it won’t have been from a lack of making the effort.

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