Dating in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is known for several things: cheese markets, windmills, bulb fields, and tulips. This little country is also home to good-looking men and women with their unique dating practices. Amsterdam is known as the capital of the Netherlands and its the most electrifying city as well. I cannot imagine a better way to fall in love than through taking a romantic cruise through the city’s canals. Dating in Amsterdam can get a little overwhelming as the Dutch have their way of going about love. As a foreigner, you are better off getting acquainted with local customs and habits.

Online Dating in Amsterdam

Online dating has taken firm ground in Amsterdam as taboos are continuously shed. Dating apps are the norm, and more often than not, first dates are organized on online forums. Going online is also the first logical move for an expatriate. You will soon learn that Amsterdam is a small and intimate city and you will be meeting people in no time.

Online forums are not only ideal to interact with other expatriates but open-minded locals too. Sites like Sexymeets.club make it easy to connect with Dutch and women due to the many users from the Netherlands. When using dating websites, ensure you describe your ideal date well to increase your chances of meeting a compatible partner.

Straightforward is the Way to go Dutch

The Dutch are an interesting bunch. They believe that being honest is better than misleading the people they meet or encouraging expectations. When compared to other Western nations, the Dutch play by fewer rules about the right time to call back, spend the night, or kiss your date. Their actions rely more on instinct that an invisible rule book.

Your assertiveness may just find a home in Amsterdam. People in the Netherlands are incredibly straightforward and have no patience for mind games. They value confidence and always aim to get to the point without wasting time. If you are new to Amsterdam, the level of honesty might disarm you a little, but you will get used to the efficient Dutch way of doing things.

Flirting and Compliments

Dutch men and women do not make a habit of sugarcoating anything and do not expect any half-fake compliments. It is not uncommon to go out with people who cut out flirting altogether and just state their intentions. Your outlandish compliments can, therefore, be perceived as fake and attract the opposite of the intentions you intended them to.

The Dutch are not also touchy on the first date, but direct eye contact is a common norm. Having someone stare at you directly might either be sexy or intimidating, and you should brace yourself for the Dutch level of intimacy. Friends commonly give each other three kisses on the cheek as a form of greeting.

Keeping it Casual

Dutch people are hardly renowned for over-dressing. People commonly bike everywhere in Amsterdam, and it might be a bit challenging to cycle in high heels and ties. Do not take it personally if your date shows up in jeans and sneakers and you might also want to go less on the clothes and makeup. The Dutch are pretty laid back, and instead of fancy restaurants, dates can take place in bruin cafes.

Splitting the Bill

The Netherlands infamously gave rise to the phrase “going Dutch.” The Dutch value fairness and you may be surprised that your date wants to split the bill to the last cent’s worth of the items that you ordered. This practice is embraced by both men and women.
It may seem unromantic to other people, but Dutch men and women take equality seriously. One person might pay for drinks while the other pays formovies tickets. Dutch men are not also chivalrous in the traditional sense as they will hardly be quick to open doors or help out with luggage. Dutch women see it as a sign of equality, and you should, therefore, counter your expectations when it comes to men in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands, and particularly Amsterdam, is bursting with cultural and historical heritage and it is an exciting place to explore or settle. Dating in Amsterdam has been made easy by such free and reliable online dating forums as sexymeets.club. This site is especially perfect for casual meetings, and you will take your time evaluating different profiles for the attributes you are interested in. Sign up and start meeting attractive and fun Dutch men and women.

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