New trends in the world of dating 2019


The world of dating is fun and exciting, but also a little confusing especially with the way that some people behave nowadays. If you are currently on the market to meet somebody, there are some things that you should be aware of in regards to dating in 2019. There are certain “trends” that come and go for those who are going on dates regularly. Knowing how to play the game and things to watch out for are really important. Avoid getting your heart broken by choosing the right kind of potential love interests and also by understanding the following dating trends that are well and truly upon us.


Nope this one has nothing to do with planets. You’ve been on several dates with someone but all of a sudden he/she is keeping a safe distance. This could either be by straight-out telling you that they are not interested in dating anymore or ignoring attempts to communicate. Despite cutting you out, they are still ensuring that you know they are lurking in the background (or by orbiting you). They could be making their presence known by still liking your social media posts or “accidentally” being in places where they know you hang out. This can be really confusing because their actions and words don’t line up, which gives you mixed messages. Stay away from this one, it’s only going to end up in drama!


One of the predicted dating trends for 2019 is something called pocketing. The person you are dating is still seeing you now and again but they do not seem overly keen to take things up a notch or develop the relationship. They are keeping you on the back burner or their back “pocket” for whenever they need you. They could pull you out of their pocket whenever they are bored with their current situation or even for a booty call. It can be difficult to know if you are being pocketed, but there are some obvious signs including not being introduced to family/friends, not posting any pictures of you together on social media/changing relationship status.etc. If you are being pocketed, it’s best to move on and find somebody who is more on your wavelength in terms of relationship progression.


Ghosting was a big trend in 2018 and prowling is a cruel act that unfortunately takes it to another level. Prowling basically involves completely ghosting you before showing back up on the scene as if nothing at all has happened. Things could be going perfectly fine, even great between the two of you but all of a sudden they disappear. They are likely to be gone for weeks or even months before they reappear, perhaps with a mediocre excuse or no attempt at all at an explanation. This person is toying your emotions and will do it again and again if you give them the opportunity to do so!

Cookie jarring

A typical cookie jarrer wants it all, they want you but they also want everybody else they can get their hands on. A cookie jarrer will arrange a date with you but will have several other dates lined up behind your back. They want to have a backup just in case things don’t work out with you or perhaps they are just being altogether greedy. How can you put your all into a potential partner if you are spending your time with somebody else too? Even if you are not yet exclusive, it’s still horrible to do this in secret and really shows the personality and morals of the person you are dating.


All the signs that have been spoken about are set to become trends (but I prefer to call them glaring red flags) in the year ahead. All these signs show that a person is too immature to be in a proper relationship. You might feel like you can change somebody who is displaying these habits but that isn’t likely. In addition to being on the lookup for these red flags in people that you are dating, make sure that you are also not displaying them yourself. There are so many amazing people out there so you should ensure you are not wasting your time on those who do not deserve it.

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