12 facts about online dating

1. Women spend more time reading online dating profile dating than men

According to recent studies, women spend a lot of time go through online dating profiles than men. Even though men spend time on the profiles, they mostly look at the pictures but not the details. But women spend time on the age, occupation, height and other details.

2. More than 80 per cent of persons lie about their weight, age or height in their dating profiles

Even though age, weight and height are some of the important details to consider when using online dating sites, it is important to note that most people lie about their age, weight and height. Based on research conducted in numerous universities, most people do not provide actual details. Many men lie about their height while most women claim to be lighter or beautiful than they are. But both genders lied about their age.

3. Dating profiles with the word “LOVE” are more likely to find love than profiles without

In 2014, researchers examined word choice when it comes to online dating. Even though there are different reasons why people choose online dating sites such as flirtila.com, dating profiles with the word “LOVE” were more successful than those without the word “LOVE”. The studies also proved that men who used the words “romantic,” “baby,” and “relationship” were luckier than those who did not. But more than 80 per cent of women who used the word “love” get good results.

4. A third of people who date online do not go on dates with the people they meet on the internet

According to a study conducted in 2013, one-third of people dating online do not go on dates with other online daters. However, the statistics decreased compared to the numbers in 2005. Around 2005, most online daters would go to in-person dates with people they met online.

5. Class and race are key factors to daters

Even though some people may consider age, height and weight as the vital factors to consider when dating online, research shows that class and race are the key factors most daters consider. According to the researchers, more people like dating profiles which have “working class” status. But very few check on “middle class” and “low class” profiles. In addition, most online daters check on race as well. Based on the findings, daters prefer their potential partners to be an ambiguous or mixed race instead of a person who is a totally different race than theirs.

6. Studies show that algorithms cannot predict whether daters are compatible or not

There are several faults on online dating and one of them is that algorithms can forecast whether two daters are compatible or not. Whether daters have similar personalities or interests, systems cannot predict whether the relationship would last or not.

7. More than 30 % of women daters consult with their friends about their dating profiles. Only 16% of men consult friends

Even though men are considered to be social than women, they do not consult much when it comes to online dating. According to several findings, around 30 % of women dating online consult their friends about online dating and their online dating profiles. However, only 16 % of men consult with friends. Women ask their friends to help them create profiles, review their profiles or choose partners online.

8. Women who drink receive more messages than women who do not

Research shows that men love to date women who drink, have pets, and earn more than $25,000. The studies also show that women who have a master’s degree receive fewer messages than those without. On the other hand, men who are high-earners, have masters and PhDs and are Christians receive more messages.

9. People who meet through online dating sites are likely to break up

Findings show that people who meet a date online are likely to break up, unlike people who meet offline. Couples who meet via online dating sites can easily break up than those who meet offline. Based on the findings, breakups are very common in online dating. This is because some people do not provide true information when creating their profiles.

10. However, people who meet online are not likely to divorce

Even though breakups are common in online dating, recent studies show that married people who meet online are unlikely to break up. This is because they are genuinely looking for love or serious relationships. But offline daters might not genuine or might not be seriously looking for love.

11. Online dating helps to save time and money

Another important fact about online dating is that people save time and money. Online daters do marry sooner than offline daters. According to research conducted a few years ago, couples who meet online get married with one and two years. On the other hand, couples who meet offline can wait for 42 months before getting married.

12. Majority of adult daters believe online dating is a nice way to meet new people

Since majority people know about online dating, studies show that most people believe online dating sites are genuine and online dating is a nice way to meet new people all over the world. Unlike some years back when people thought online daters were desperate individuals, today more than 40 % of people accept online dating. In fact, almost half of the public know people who use online dating sites or have meet a partner or a spouse online.

Today, most people believe online dating is a good way of finding a partner or spouse. By visiting online sites such as Sexymeets.club, there are higher chances of finding Mr. /Ms. right than finding him/her in a bar, club or anywhere else.

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