Dating in Copenhagen

Dating is not easy. Ask anyone who has ever dated. But if it’s not easy, you are in the right track because they say “if it’s easy, it not worth doing.” Are you yearning to hook up in Copenhagen? You can’t go wrong with a Dane. Admittedly, a Dane is a gorgeous and yet a mysterious creature. Unfortunately, dating a Dane woman can be fierce, savage and unrelenting arena especially for non-Danes. But when equipped with the right tips, it can be as easy as ABC.
Below are some tips that are ideal for a perfect sexdating at Copenhagen

Avoid approaching women at bus stops.

Even the name itself “bus stop” is not romantic. Remember you want to make your date romantic. Not only bus stops, avoid, with all means, meeting girls at public places because they make her feel weird. But wait, if it’s a place where people are enjoying alcohol, well, that can be a better place.

Instead, it can be charming and quirky to look for a girl who is doing her weekly shopping and try to engage her into a conversation. But you should also be careful because in Denmark, sparking a lady into a talk in your home country can make you appear insane. You will both lose the girl, and you can be sectioned as well. And that’s how a bad omen sets in.

Sprinkle some humour-be outrageously flirtatious

If you can make a Dane to smile and laugh, then you can stand out from the crowd. Time to time, you’ve heard Danish women say that the male Danes are hopeless when it comes to flirting. My friend, why can’t you take that chance. Throw some humour in your talk.
Make her smile and love.

But wait, I’m not saying you become crazy. I mean, if you can make an exciting talk, you will be surprised how the Dane will find you adorable.

Pay for a few things-not everything

Do you know anything about gender equality in Denmark? Denmark is one of the countries that values gender equality highly. If that’s the case, why not in that dating scene. Many European cultures deem it as a myth for a man to whip his wallet from his collective pocket and pay his hard-earned money to pay for a costly meal.

That’s not the case in Denmark. Probably the lady may ask the bill to be split. But you will be charming to her if you can pay that glass of cocktail or wine.

Be patient -don’t rush anything

When it comes to dating, rushing can be a red light to a woman. Danes are among the beautiful creatures that dating doesn’t come naturally. So, keep off from messaging her regularly, after a month or so, asking her when you’ll meet them next. It can take a month or even months for her to make up her mind. And that brings us to the saying “patience is the virtue.”

Be yourself

What if I told you I run a million-dollar company and you realize I was lying? It hurts, right? Similarly, one of the most spectacular things about Danish women (and all Danes in general) is that they don’t focus too much on your financial position. If you have no car, no problem. It doesn’t matter if you have an old bike. It doesn’t matter if your shoes are not a designer. What matters is your honesty and compassion. A little bit of excitement over a mansion or sports car can be an added advantage. Be yourself and avoid making yourself too big. Only horrible people big themselves.

Try their Danish language.

When someone new from your language tries to speak your language, it looks fun and interesting. Why can’t you try Danish language skills while talking to that beautiful lady in front of you? I bet trying Danish will make her wild. The chances are high that your offer will be so irresistible for her. She will appreciate your little effort of attempting their difficult language. And that little effort works the way.


Fortunately, Copenhagen has a lot of green parks covered with blossomed trees that are perfect for a barbeque or a picnic. The parks are silent, and they will give you a peaceful environment. The flowers from different plant varieties will inject a wow to her.
In summary, dating a Dane is can be a chore if you don’t know what works and what doesn’t work when you want to hook up in Copenhagen. Try the above tips and see if they won’t work like a charm.

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