The Signs that it is Not Working

Relationships are meant to last until the end of time for one or both of you. But it reaches a time when things are not going well as you would want them to be. Relationships are not a bed of roses; there are moments of happiness and moments where tempers flare and disagreements become the order of the day. With time, you end up sorting out your differences and find an amicable solution to your problems. That is how relationships are nurtured to grow and lead to something more meaningful.

Sadly, this is not the case with many couples. What could be the reason for constant fights, arguments, and misunderstanding? To help you in answering this question, first, we need to point at the signs which indicate that your relationship will not survive for long.

Here are the telltale signs you need to watch out and decide whether to salvage your relationship or let it go.

Minor irritations that escalate to violence

At the beginning of every relationship, the two lovers try to hide their weaknesses to make their union strong. Unfortunately, as time passes everyone comes out in their true colours, something that cannot be hidden forever. Therefore if you are in a relationship where your partner is always taking advantage of a minor misunderstanding to undermine you, this should serve as a red flag to imminent fallout.

Sometimes such incidents lead to violence and physical abuse. While it is a good idea to work out the difference, you should also consider your safety and happiness. You cannot keep on sailing in a sinking ship when you know pretty well that you will drown with it. In such a case, you can decide to call it to quit and start a completely new and peaceful life.

Strange behavior emerge later in a relationship

You can always pretend, but at some point, the real you will come out. This is true with some partners in a relationship who have this weird idea that their better-half will tolerate their shortcomings. Yes, it is allowed to accept someone else’s weakness and workout to change that behavior but sometimes you will find some habits to be unbearable.

For instance, you might come to realize later that your partner is leading a double life and all along you have never known anything of the sort. That is when you should choose to give it a chance if your lover comes out clean and gives you an explanation or call it a day should you realize it is something that will stand between the two of you.

No signs of commitment

What is the need for investing in a relationship where one partner is not fully committed? Life is not a rehearsal and every passing moment makes history. As a matter of fact, you need to know where your relationship is heading to. For that reason, the most important thing to look for is commitment so you may not waste your time and invest heavily in a relationship that is not going anywhere. Time is of the essence and if one of you is not willing to commit, you can part ways rather than wasting your precious time with someone who does see your value.

Lack of intimacy

Getting intimate is the greatest foundation for a successful relationship. However, when your partner is no longer interested in sharing a bed with you then you should get worried. Maybe the feelings are not there or the partner is getting sexual satisfaction from someone else. Even though this could be the last thing that should linger in your mind, it is better to give it a second thought and find out why things are getting out of hand.

On the other hand, the lack of intimacy is the main reason for infidelity which is the root cause of many breakups in relationships. Find a way you can talk about this issue with your lover but if it gets out of hand, walk out before a painful heartbreak gets up with you while still grasping at the straws.

Poor communication

Good communication is the key to an everlasting relationship. But when you realize that there is a communication breakdown between the two of you, it is time to break the ice and sort out everything back to normal.

Through communication, you are able to gauge how your partner is thinking and it can also help you share your feelings with someone you care about. Lack of it can spell doom and create unnecessary tension altogether. If there is no solution found, you should always fill the blanks and start packing at the right time lest you find yourself alone in that relationship.


No relationship is perfect and that is why the two lovers need to constantly work together to keep the flame burning as far as their love life is concerned. But when you notice some changes that are persistence with no hope of reverting to the good-old-days, don’t think twice, take an exit and save yourself from the agony of pain and unhappiness. You can visit an online dating website at to learn more about relationships.

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