How to Survive a Heartbreak


It feels good to be in love, but it feels like the end of the world for you when that love comes to an end. Everyone who is in love dreads hearing the following words, “It is over between us or we need a break from this relationship”. At first, it might not hit you that much but once the message sinks in well, that is when everything crumbles down like a house of cards. Everything becomes meaningless including life itself and the glorious past becomes a painful reminder of how unbreakable your love was.

By now you are sitting alone, reminiscing the past and wishing that you could turn back the hands of time to change the course to something else. That is when you realize that heartbreak is a devastating setback in your love life. Do you lock yourself in your room and let the pain inside your heart to heal? Well, life must move forward and you should strive to pursue your goals to your destiny. Heartbreak is not the end of everything but it marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. Here are a few helpful tips to overcome the heartbreak and triumph again in the future.

Accept the fact that you are heartbroken

It is obvious that you will become emotional once you learn that it is over between you and your lover. You will feel sad, angry and disillusioned but that is normal at this stage. However, it is important that you strive to control your emotions in order to stay on course. In case you find out that your sadness is taking a grim toll on you, well, dive into emotions and within a short time, everything will gradually cool down.

Accepting the fact that you are indeed heartbroken is one step into rediscovering yourself so that next time you will know the best way to handle yourself. Also, it will be a good chance to let go of all negative thoughts and pave way for a new start. Once everything subsides, find someone whom you trust and have a discussion regarding your prevailing predicament. A problem shared is a problem half solved.

Find something to keep you busy

Being heartbroken does not mean that you stay behind locked doors and nurse your wounded heart. At least you can find something to distract you for the better part of the day to make you stronger. Take an exercise on the regular basis to release your emotions. According to some numerous studies, working out helps one to reduce sadness, stress, and anger. During the exercise, your body sweats and at the same time, you are somehow in full control of your serotonin levels which eventually will change your mood in a positive way. Join the nearby gym or enroll for aerobic classes to take part in an exercise that will keep you fit and healthy and also uplift your mood.

Swallow your pride and wish your ex well

One of the noblest steps into recovering from heartbreak is moving on with your life. Therefore, take courage, swallow your pride and overcome any form of prejudices to wish your ex well. You don’t have to do it in the presence of your ex-lover, just sit down and compose a good message appreciating the good old days and encouraging your ex to carry on as if nothing happened. By so doing, you will be offloading that burden of bondage that is no longer there between you and your former lover.

After delivering that emotional goodbye’, you will feel relieved, strong and positive to start all over again. Holding grudges and planning for sweet revenge should be none of your options. In fact, it could complicate the whole scenario and affect you in one way or the other. Keep in mind that life is there to be enjoyed and to let others enjoy it in the same capacity as you.

Move forward

Once you have accepted the reality and wished your ex well, it is time to pick the broken pieces, dust yourself and carry on. You never know what lies ahead or the reason for your breakup. Perhaps there is something better coming on your way and your past relationship might have been a hindrance.

Moving forward means that you are ready to embrace change and make some progress in your life. It does not necessarily imply that you rush into another relationship unless you are wrongfully assumed to be desperate or the root cause of your breakup. What it means is that you now have a platform to look ahead of you and grab those opportunities coming your way.


A breakup is something inevitable especially if the relationship is heading nowhere. In as much as it might come as a surprise, you need to know the way out of that emotional and sad situation. Accept the reality, with your former lover well and move on. Soon or later, you will land your dream partner and you will never regret your past. For more information, you can visit a hookup site such as to learn more on this topic.

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