10 dating ideas in Liverpool

Whether you want to have an interesting date with your wife or hook up with a new girlfriend that you’ve recently found on www.us2.club, Liverpool is a love heaven for a romantic experience. The city features some of the most stylish cocktail bars and quirkiest restaurants that will make your time together unforgettable. To help you along the way, here are 10 ideas for dating in Liverpool that both of you are sure to love.

1. Explore the farmers market

There are many treasures that you can find in the Makers Market, which is located in the North West area of the city. These include delicious dishes, local drinks, crafts, and even live music performances. Open once per month on the third Sunday, this place is full of creative activities to enjoy and understand the local culture.

2. Visit a gig

Liverpool is noted for its cultural and musical heritage. That’s why there are a variety of local bands that you might see every night. So why don’t fall in love and enjoy romantic moments while listening to a legendary song of the Beatles? Venues like EBGBs, LEAF, or the Zanzibar often host great events and also value for your money.

3. Get to see the Anglican Cathedral

The Anglican Cathedral is undoubtedly one of the best-known landmarks in Liverpool. More greatly, you might go to the tower top to have a stunning 360-degree view of the city and surrounding areas. On clear days, you would even see all the way to Blackpool and Wales. Also, you can watch a 10-minute video about how the site was constructed and understand the combination of Edwardian and Victorian ecclesiastical features.

4. Across the River Mersey with a ferry

One of the best ways to hook up in Liverpool and enjoy the stunning view of the city’s waterfront is to book a trip on the River Explorer Cruise, which is available all year round. The cruise typically runs between 3 locations, including the Woodside, the Seacombe, and the Pier Head, and lasts about 50 minutes in total. During the journey, you can choose to break it anytime and visit a beautiful attraction along the river.

5. Work down the Lark Lane

The Lark Lane is one of the best-loved and most well-known streets in Liverpool. With a variety of unique and quirky bars, restaurants, or bistros, there is sure a suitable place for you and your partner to have a romantic and memorable date. It is totally worth walking down along the street and enjoying a few peculiar aspects of the city.

6. Entertain with comedy

There is no way of keeping your date joyful and happy better than seeing a stand-up comedy. Whether you are building your relationship with the other half or it is the first date, laughing and being in good mood can bring both of you closer together. Liverpool has many comedy venues around the city, such as the Hot Water Club on the Seel Street, the Laughterhouse on the Fenwick Street, and the Comedy Central on Albert Dock.

7. Try out the local festivals

This fast-paced city always has special festivals to offer whether it is the biggest music festival in Europe, a gut-busting comedy event, or a delicious foodie fair. While you might share the experience with other festival-goers, it is still able to enjoy your date without a hurry. A few events that you might be interested include Liverpool Drink and Food festival, Brazilica, Sound City, Africa Oye, LIMF, and the Light Night.

8. Play in the escape room

There is nothing like testing your relationship while being trapped in an escape room. A couple can try to resolve the riddles to reach the goal and understand more about their partner. Even when you can’t finish the missions, it is still a great experience that both of you won’t ever forget.

9. Have a romantic picnic

If you want to have a quiet and green retreat, then the Formby woodland and beach might be the ultimate spot to enjoy the fantastic green. Indeed, it is voted one of the best picnic places in Europe. With a basket full of wraps, sandwiches, cold nuts, and cheese, you can relax and enjoy the fresh air with your lover.

10. Discover the Cains Brewery

The resurgence of the Cains Brewery Village should be a great thing to behold. Once an old and derelict site, it now has been turned into a bustling and interesting village of attractions, restaurants, and bars. A couple would simply spend a whole day discovering the new areas, from the Moroccan-themed Bedouin to the Peaky Blinders and Baltic Market.

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