10 Dating ideas for Barcelona

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. From vintage cafes, unique bars and upscale restaurants to gorgeous old towns and breathtaking beaches, there are many things to do for those couples who are looking for a memorable evening out. If this is the first time you visit Catalonia, the following dating tips will guide you to dreamy locations and amorous experiences.

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1. Coffee in the Casa Fuster

Having a dessert and coffee can be a great ideal for your first dating in Barcelona. With a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, you can really talk with your partner and learn more about him or her. Plus, it’s worth enjoying the elegant feel that the Alice-in-Wonderland-theme cozy couches bring. Though the price is quite expensive, it won’t break your bank.

2. Picnic and rowboat in Ciutadella

If you are looking for a Hollywood date, then this ideal is for you. Pack a picnic lunch for both and head to the Ciutadella Park. During the summer, you can even rent a rowboat, glide out along the cute little pond, and have some cava or cheese. Your date might feel like a story in Jane Austin’s novels.

3. Sing your songs at Anti-Karaoke

This seems to be an odd choice for your dating in Spain. With the drunk singers and blaring music, it might be difficult to have a romantic talk with your partner. But if both of you enjoy music and singing, then this is where you can find yourself. As the coolest karaoke event in Barcelona, Anti-Karaoke is where singing and partying sublimely meld together.

4. Get chilled in the La Fianna

La Fianna is probably one of the coolest places for your first date. The atmosphere in this restaurant is sublime with chill music, low lighting, pillow-covered platforms and cozy cushions where you might curl up and kick off your shoes an intimate talk.

5. Pastries and cakes at A Casa Portuguesa

A funny place to have a date with your partner is A Casa Portuguesa, a mixture of a tapas bar, specialty food store, café, and bakery. More importantly, it makes some of the most delicious pastries and cakes in the city, along with special Portuguese wines. You can also enjoy courses, live music, and art exhibitions in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

6. Walk along the Sant Felip Neri Square

This is a small square located between the façade of antique buildings and a church. The sun typically bathes a circular fountain which gurgles in the middle of the area. Here you and your lover can take a sit and enjoy the music of street artists. Also, visit the soap factory facing the church and see the display of fabulous colors.

7. An enchanted night out in the Fadas Forest

This enchanted forest is a must-see destination to date with your partner. You can’t imagine what you will see when walking down the Las Ramblas: a beautiful little path called Pasatge de la Banca. There you will see a beautiful fairy house that is full of pixie-esque lights, trees, and gurgling fountains. Have a sit in the shadowy, intimate, and chilly light on a wooden chair and experience the incredible sensation of a wonderful world, is it great?

8. Hike and seek in the Horta Labyrinth

The Horta Labyrinth is an old and delicate garden that can make you get lost in a green world. Located in a mountain overlooking the city and the blue sea, it was created by 3 masters: Catalan, Italian, and French. That’s why this garden is always fresh and delicate all year round with many hidden doors, fountains, treasures, ponds, and old stairs.

9. Breathtaking views from the Mirabe

Trekking to the Mirabe and enjoying great views of Barcelona will be a shared adventure that you won’t ever forget. The reflection bouncing off the see and the flickering lights from the cities will take your breath away. Known as the Balcony of Barcelona, it is great for a romantic dinner or a drink and sharing an amazing moment with your partner.

10. Dine in the Observatori Fabra

The Observatori Fabra is a great restaurant to have dinner with thousands of stars around you. After the meal, you can visit the actual observatory and look in the telescope to see the universe. There is nothing more exciting than seeing stars reflecting in the eyes of your lover!

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