10 Dating ideas for Berlin

With unsightly pink pipes, communist painting jobs, and graffiti walks, Berlin is not exactly romantic Prague, Paris, or Amsterdam. But if you are looking for a special thing to do with your special one while visiting this city, then there are actually a lot of wonderful places and activities to try. Take a look at this list to find your own dating idea in Berlin and show your love to your partner.

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1. Enjoy the city from above

Berlin does not have a skyline to enjoy, but you can have a romantic date on a rooftop and explore this historic city from above. It is simple to find a beautiful spot through your friends or being aware of the surroundings. Most buildings blocks are basically connected in every old quarter in Neukolln, Prenzlauer, Berg, Moabit, and Kreuzberg. Just imagine that you are hand in hand with your girl and slowly climb from roof to roof under a warm summer night. That will be an unforgettable moment in your life.

2. Visit the Charlottenburg Castle’s bridge

The Charlottenburg Palace or Schloss Charlottenburg is known as the largest palace in Berlin with beautiful gardens and avenues influenced by the Versailles era. But the most wonderful structure in this place is a red bridge across the water that is located with a great view of the whole castle. There is just something naturally romantic and passionate when walking across this pretty little bridge with a stunning palace on the background. And do not forget to take a great shot to capture your dating in Berlin.

3. Explore the Bürgerpark Pankow

Stretching along the beautiful Panke River, Bürgerpark Pankow is a gorgeous park that has a distinctive design of Italian Renaissance gardens. You can walk with your partner along the paths and explore different structures like sculptures and pieces of art. Once you want to take a rest, just buy some drinks or foot and relax at the romantic fountain near the entrance.

4. Relish live performances in the theater

If you want to have a fancy night out in Berlin, then it’s a good idea to visit a theater and enjoy a live performance. Berlin is often considered as one of the most important cultural cities in Europe with many world-class operas and theaters. Try seeing the Berlin Philharmonic – one of the best orchestras all over the world. You won’t ever regret this decision.

5. Dance at the Clärchen’s Ballroom

Clärchen’s Ballroom is a live music and dance venue that has been operating since the early of the 20th century. Have a tasty and romantic dinner with your partner in this beautiful mirrored hall and then take a dance session throughout the night. Depending on the date of the week, there will be distinctive musical themes, such as salsa, swing, or cha-cha.

6. Kiss your girl at the rose garden

In the Humboldthain Park, you can find one of the most romantic and gorgeous places in the city: a garden full of colorful roses. What makes it so special is that it is located in a secluded area on the park’s side, meaning there won’t be much noises or distractions running your date. However, keep in mind that is only open during the summer when all flowers are blooming fully.

7. Experience Whirlpool Cinema

The Whirlpool Cinema can be a whole new experience to watch a romantic movie. With a pool placed between vintage brick buildings, hammocks and loungers scattered around, you will enjoy every great scene and have passionate moments with your partner.

8. Enjoy the sunset on the Mauerpark Hill

Another great option for dating in Berlin is climbing the Mauerpark Hill and take a view of the city on the sunset. There is a swing so that both of you can have a ride and enjoy a mini adventure in gorgeous moments. If you have more time, just stroll around this beautiful park to see green fields and local musicians playing everywhere. On Sunday nights, there will be live karaoke and hopping market to make your day more special.

9. Picnic in the Tempelhof Airfield

Tempelhof Airfield is one of the most popular places for leisure activities in Berlin. Featuring a massive open space, it is perfect for couples to have long walks or restful picnics. Find a romantic and quiet spot, enjoy the afternoon, and watch the beautiful sunset, life is so beautiful!

10. Stroll in the Sanssouci Park

As a former castle of Frederick the Great, this great area will come to life at the beginning of the spring. You would spend hours strolling, exploring, counting statues or fountains, and admiring its beauty. Just like any other parks, you can sprawl in the grass or rest on the benches alongside the way.

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