Tips on How to Have Great Sex

When was the last time you had amazing sex? Did you get some last night? Was it good? In all likelihood, the experience was not half as good as you had anticipated. The explanation is simple. You were anxious, concerned about your physique and worried about your performance. Even if the performance reached the heights of most Hollywood screenplays- the girl melted when you touched her, you performed like a bull and both of you reached volcanic climax- you most probably believe that other people are having greater and more frequent sex.
For creatures that are infamously obsessed with sexual thoughts, human beings have always been mystified about how to have unforgettable sex. Most people are plagued by self doubt. Misconceptions and myths have clouded our minds for hundreds of years. What are the obstacles that prevent us from having mind-blowing sex? What strategies can I apply to make my partner crave for sexual intimacy every time?

1. Engage in pillow talk
Your mouth is without doubt a useful tool for kissing lips and administering many other forms of sexual arousal. Most importantly, you should use it to communicate. Why don’t you try it? Find out what she likes. Express your innermost desires. Openness and trust are very important elements.
To have a more explosive and incredible sexual relationship, the two of you must know each other well.

2. The locker room talk is sometimes exaggerated
Men often elevate themselves to their peers’ levels. This is what happens whenever they talk in locker rooms. Unlike women, they rarely discuss their insecurities. Instead, men tend to exaggerate their exploits and often portray dishonest images of what their sex lives really are.
Consequently, men end up thinking that important elements are missing in their sex lives, and that their friends and neighbors have more frequent and explosive sexual encounters. Many men are convinced that they were unfairly left behind by the sexual pleasure ship, and that the vessel shouldn’t have left without them on-board. Do not worry. Be consoled by the knowledge that lovers who have been in committed relationships for more than 6 months have sex just a few times every week.

3. Do not compare your sexual life with that of porn stars
There are vital lessons that people learn when watching porn movies and reading porn magazines. There is no doubt about that. However, there are many other lessons that you can learn from personal experience.
It is unwise to compare yourself with porn stars. You can still have mind-blowing sex even if your partner lacks full and firm breasts, has no abs and is not well endowed between the legs. Making comparisons can make you think that there is something wrong with yourself or your partner, or that there is something that you are doing wrong.
Porn often convinces men that they are not large enough, that girls are always ready for sex, that it must always end in explosive organisms, and that certain sex moves always work.
Watch as much porn as you want, but remember that more than 80% of sexual partners cannot replicate what happens in blue movies.

4. Concentrate on pleasurable sensations
Some of the obstacles that can prevent you from having amazing sex are anxiety about performance and stress. How can you overcome these challenges? Well, just put the two elements-anxiety and stress- on the back-burner for a while. Temporarily forgetting about the two can help you have exceptional experiences between the sheets.
Ideally, men should concentrate on pleasurable sensations. This is among the most effective love treats. The techniques include- maintaining eye contact, breathing in synchronization and giving massages. They can help you have more pleasure. Great sex does not occur in future by, for instance, worrying that you’ll only last a few seconds. It takes place in the present.

5. Create a schedule for sex
Creating a timetable for sex seems old-fashioned and boring. However, it can help you have amazing sex. This strategy is suitable for partners who have been together for a long time, and have gone past the stage when they could hardly keep hands off each other. You have heard or read that sexual partners usually engage in spontaneous sexual encounters against a background of the setting sun and romantic music playing at low volume. This is a myth.
Creating a clear schedule for sex helps you create special time for the encounters, minimizes and even eliminates the anxiety to perform and psychologically prepares both of you to have mind-blowing and unforgettable sex.

There you have it. The above are valuable tips that can help you enjoy sex every time you get in between the sheets with your partner. Have incredible sexual encounters, won’t you? Good luck.

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