10 Interesting Facts About Love You Probably Don’t Know

Many people think about falling in love as a ride in the park. What comes into their minds is a picture of couples walking together driving off into the sunset while holding hands. Love entails more than falling in love with the one special person of your dreams. A lot of biological factors that usually goes into this issues of love. It is important for individuals intending to fall in love to familiarize themselves with scientific facts about love.

In today’s culture, falling in love is one exciting thing to venture in. People get to an extent of even having a list of things their perfect mate should embody. Everything seems to work perfectly right for them and the whole world becomes a more beautiful place because of a newfound lover. Some of these strong feelings are as a result of chemicals released in the brain. It is important to realize the complexity of our bodies and the scientific facts surrounding love. Here in is a list of the biological factors that influence great love among partners;

1. For sexual attraction, both genders must have adequate testosterone

Compared to men, women usually have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is responsible for creating aggressiveness which will lead you to pursue the individual whom you strongly desire to associate with.

2. One can sense and get attracted to a person with a different immune system.

According to research done by Claude Wedekind, he performed an experiment where he had female test subjects smell men’s unwashed T-shirts. Findings came about that these females were strongly attracted to the male’s shirt whose immune system was totally different from that of their own. These findings have been linked to the same case with rodents.

3. Falling in love is as addictive as cocaine or nicotine.

Dopamine is usually released when someone uses cocaine or nicotine. This chemical is also present at the first stages of attraction in a relationship. It brings about the rush of happiness and pressure which is responsible for drug addiction.

4. Love can literally make you crazy.

Love can lead to serious infatuation more so in people with an obsessive-compulsive order. An obsessive-compulsive order is an anxiety disorder which may cause devastating impacts in your life. You seem probable not to think of anyone else when you have fallen in love.

5. Love needs to be blind to survival.

A new lover should always remain perfect in your eyes no matter what others say about him or her. If we can emulate this aspect, it will enable us to progress positively in our relationship. This blindness can be carried along into the attachment stage, hence, the two lovers can stay in love long enough to have and raise children.

6. The nerve cells usually work better during the first years of love.

Nerve Growth Factor protein in our bodies that is significant for the functions of certain sensory and sympathetic nerve cells usually develops in the first years when getting in love. Generally, this is the time our senses are heightened and our flight and fight response system become more active.

7. There is a similar connection between mother-child love and romantic love.

Oxytocin hormone is released during birth and during orgasm. This hormone is believed to help in long-term bonding.

8. The attachment you may have to someone will disappear if you take away one of the basic bonding hormones.

A study was once done on prairie voles, whereby a rodent forms a mating pair for a long time period, where there occurred suppression of hormone vasopressin. What happened is that these pores voles immediately lost interest in their mate and they ended up not protecting one another from other new mates.

9. We get attracted to people who look or smell the same way to one of our parents.

This seems to be sounding creepy. A partner who seems to have the same traits as one of our parents can be comforting. If for instance, you are a lady and your father, it will bring a comforting and familiar scent when your father wore certain cologne. This might seem to make sense but then we should not bring Freud into it.

10. People also tend to love those who have looked like them.

Aside from our hair color, facial features, eye color, we tend to get the attraction to those people who may have same earlobe lengths, lung volumes, and metabolic rates.


It can be quite necessary to stay reminding ourselves to not completely dip our thoughts in chemical love spell we are normally and even though we might need to be thinking about these when getting in love.

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