Review of Truelifepartner – 2018



Over all rating



  • Great matchmaking service
  • Anonymous service
  • Senior dating


  • You need a Premium membership in order to contact other profiles
  • Setting up match making takes time
Dating for people over 50

Truelifepartner is a site dedicated to helping senior singles find partners in the United Kingdom. If you will like to give love a second chance, and then you need to sign up. The site gives senior singles a chance to find love. It is carefully
created to help you engage and finally plan on how to meet. Several features
have been incorporated to ensure seniors interact on a safe platform after which
they can plan on how to meet. The matchmaking inbuilt system works automatically in recommending to singles the right match within a short period. There are several features which make the site stand out for seniors who will like to find love and start dating.

Benefits of using Truelifepartner

Scientific personality assessment

Based on the basic information you offer about yourself on the profile, the site has an inbuilt system which will assess the information and propose to you the most ideal partner you can form a relationship. You get recommendation of your ideal partner without any further charges. The developers of the site know seniors will like to find partners within a short period. They do not have a lot of time to study
different profiles. The inbuilt features work very fast in assessing different profiles
from where it will propose to you the most ideal partner.

Personal Data Protection at Truelifepartner

The site allows users to communicate with each other via chat. The chat between the matches is highly protected to avoid cases where personal information may be misused. Other features which even make the site achieve high level of privacy
is where you will decide on who to see your profile picture. Seniors will like
to keep their matters private. You will never feel let down due to many privacy
features incorporated in the system. There are several tools which have been incorporated which make it very easy to find your ideal partner.

See who visited your profile

In order to know more about people who are interested in your profile, the system allows you to know people who have viewed your profile. You will easily know the things other people are looking for if they can see your profile and proceed without asking for a chat. The way you create your profile matters. If you can create it with clear descriptions, you can easily attract more people to the profile
which will lead to more people knowing what you need. The feature is among the
best ways to interact with people in the platform.

Send unlimited messages

You are not restricted on the amount of messages you can send. You can communicate with as many people as possible when signed up. Remember before you locate the idea person whom you can start dating seriously. You need to communicate and get all worries between the two of you cleared. You will communicate and get to know each other well before you proceed to make lifetime commitments. The site is designed to help people who are serious find love once more.

Add contacts to your favorites

After interacting with different people, you will get to narrow down to few whom you are like minded. You can add contacts to such profiles so that you can
communicate and even meet in real life. The contacts are well managed which
should not worry you at all. From Truelifepartner Reviews, many people have tried
the dating site and most of them are highly satisfied.

Allows Viewing all profile pictures and gallery of photos

To know more about other people in the community, you may have to look at the photos they post and assess them. The platform has no restrictions on the number of profiles you can see. You can just check on all profiles available from where you can locate the best whom you are interested in dating.

Custom challenging questions

You do not have to worry on how you can break the ice when chatting. The platform allows you to send challenging custom messages which have been created and stored in the system. Even if you have run short of words, you can easily initiate a chat by sending one of the questions which have been created and stored so that you can challenge anybody whom you are about to date.

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