List of Worst Online Dating Trends One Would Want to Avoid

What would be your reaction when the person you’ve been dating suddenly vanishes from all social networking sites or even in person, with no reasonable explanation?

Sounds odd!

And why would someone do that?

Most probably you have been ghosted or in other words, ranked’.

Today, with more options for accessing dating website and apps, people find it easy to find matches. But along with the same time, online dating is getting difficult to manage. It’s not just about harassment or exploitation; these issues usually lead to cyberbullying or crimes.

There are a number of dating trends which have been categorized by people. Those include both positive and negative characteristics. This article explores the worst dating trends which any person wouldn’t ever want to go through.


This is the most common, but worst dating trend of all time. Here, you must be having a nice time with a person and have been dating for a long time. But, that person suddenly stops talking and practically disappears. You won’t get any texts or calls; nothing!

They literally vanish as if they never existed in our lives.

These Ghosters disappear to avoid the “This isn’t working out” talk. Most of the time, they turn out to be a fake person who has been joking around or likes to pass time by troubling others.


Zombie-ing is more like the walking dead. Following the act of hosting’, the individual who went missing and ignored you more weeks or even months would suddenly resurrects from the dead and texts you with a “Hey, where have you been??” It’s as if nothing’s wrong!

The most suggested option is to delete those texts and blocking that person. Someone who goes AWOL once will probably do it again. Another motive to act in such a way is because they might not have someone else or most probably a rebound.


As the name says, it is like literally haunting a person. After ghosting, this person would block you or most probably ignore you on calls and texts. Surprisingly, they might be indirectly interacting with you on other social sites. These include stalking profiles on Instagram, liking a post from Facebook which might be 6 months old, or even checking your Snapchat stories.


One might even call this trend as Back-Burnering. Here, a prospect date might show that the relationship matters, but doesn’t exactly take it ahead. The most annoying part is, that person won’t even let you lose hope. They would treat you according to their priorities, where your interests don’t matter.


It might sound more but Benching, but Breadcrumbing is when a person shows you just enough interest by making you feel like he or she might be interested. In reality, that’s not the case. They might send flirty texts once a day, and that’s where it ends.


You must have come across people with whom you date, spend good times, usually texts one another, but there is something suspicious about their personal lives. You must be either clueless of their associates or even family. There is no concrete proof to authenticate their life stories. That’s called Stashing.

This trend is prevalent among people who tend to hide their real identity, or most probably be double dating. In worst cases, the person might even turn out to be married and having an extramarital affair.


This attitude can hurt people or even break hearts. Curving means, when someone doesn’t exactly respond to your texts but does keep in touch with you. It is usually obvious that they’re not really interested in you.

Even after knowing that they don’t want to spend time with you, or to the worst extent, doesn’t want to be friends with you, those tiny replies creates some hope in your heart. These people usually respond after 2-3 days with “I thought I replied”. Also be aware with response like, a ’ or frequent ol’ and aha’. These texts are usually short or written as a formality.


The Slow Fade is like slowing moving away from someone. The act or event starts happening when the relationship is in a smooth flow. These people retreats slowly, gently and unexpectedly. You would notice a distinctive trait of becoming less available, not texting back for days, and when they do they Curve you. Ultimately they ghost you. They are the worst.

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