Review of Loveaholics – 2019

Review of Loveaholics


Over all rating



  • Wide offer of chat rooms
  • Free Registration
  • Great app for Android and iOS


  • A lot of matches pop up after you sue the filters which can be overwhelming

Loveaholics is a great site where you can enjoy casual dating adventures. It targets singles in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a romantic date, then the site can serve you very well. It offers hundreds of profiles where people are ready to try new dating adventures. The several chartrooms available makes it easy for you to interact with different people and eventually land your dream date.
Different types of people are signed up hence you can just compare the different profiles from where you can land your preferred date.

How Loveaholics work

The Loveaholics exiting hookup page is very easy to use. You access easy registration process which will not expose you to any restriction. You are only required to enter basic information before you can sign up for the services. Some of the details you need to provide include date of birth, email address and your postcode. An email will be then sent to your email where you can access the activation link.

After the confirmation of your registration, the next steps involves choosing screen names, choosing post code and a short description bout yourself which will appear on your profile. In this section you need to provide the necessary details about the person you will like to date. You will then need to upload your profile picture. The picture should be clear because it will be used as your profile where people will get to see and get interested in you.

Main Features of Loveaholics

There are several features on Loveaholics which you can utilize to enjoy your dating adventure. The paid membership allows you to enjoy features such as the following:

Joining chatroom

The chat room allows you to send messages where you can get to interact with people on profiles you have liked on the dating site. The process of joining the chat rooms is very easy.

Advanced search tool

The tool allows you to tailor the search so that you can easily locate profiles with descriptions similar to the type of people you would like to interact with. You will save a lot of time if you decide to utilize the advanced search tool. It is very
effective in presenting to you the most relevant results.

Send winks, friend requests

In order to enjoy your dating adventure, you have freedom to utilize features such as sending winks and friend requests. The features are very effective in letting
you interact with different people on the platform from where you can arrange on how you can meet for something serious.

Checking who visited your profile

You may like to know people who have come across your profile. The site allows you to check the number of people who have accessed your profile from where you can strike a
deal. If you would like to interact with someone, you can check whether he has viewed your profile from where you can know whether the person is interested. It will be easy for you to gather the confidence and start a chat with someone whom you consider is interested in your profile.

Peruse at user’s photos

The types of photos other people upload will speak a lot about them. If you are interested in meeting beautiful ladies, you may prefer checking their profiles from where you will show interest. The platform allows you to peruse through several photos of the users.

Send flirt casts

As a way of making the online dating adventure more exciting, you can send flirt casts. It is a great way to enjoy yourself when dating online. It is available on both android and iOS apps which allow you to have the platform on your phone where you can spend free time sending flirt casts.

Reliability and safety

You should not worry about your safety when dating at The site is very secure. They do not sell your personal information to third parties. To
even make the whole dating adventure safe, they have moderators who supervise
and get rid of any fake profiles. There are no cases of offensive content because the moderators are online at all times and they are ready to take action in a matter of minutes.

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