10 romantic unforgettable date ideas in Oslo 2018

Oslo, the land of beauty and glamour is a well-known city to lovers from around the world. Depending on the season you visit Oslo, it varies from a sunny paradise to a winter wonderland. Be it is your first time in the city or the hundredth, Oslo has got something for everyone. Due to the many beautiful viewpoints of the city, it has everything for every pocket. Starting from expensive dinners to cheap getaways, the capital of Norway has a limitless supply for travellers and lovers of all ages and budgets.

Here are 12 top free and cheap date ideas to explore in Oslo this year, 2018.

Visit one of the many islands inhabiting the city

The best time according to most romantic travellers in the city are the summers. If you are visting Oslo in the summer season, the best way to escape the hustle of the city is to take the boat ride from Oslo Fjord to one of the many islands minutes away. The boat ride is free if you have the Ruter Public Transport ticket or you can easily book one for you online. The islands in around the city have a lot to offer starting from a nudist beach all the way to a dense forest and a monastery. All you need to pack is a jumper and some food for the journey.

Crazy Golfing

For the couples who like to have fun at night, pun intended, and explore the city’s nightlife, do visit Oslo camping which is an indoor, 18 hole golf track cum bar and nightclub. The destination opens at 6 pm, and entry is 105 NOK/person.

Watch the night sky

The Norwegian’s are famous for camping at night. Starting from dense forests to exploring the wilderness, camping at night with your beloved one is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. This is a perfect fit for you, no matter if you are on your first date or both of you just want to take a break from your mundane everyday routine.

As long as you are not camping next to someone’s home or in someone’s private garden, you have every right to enjoy the night sky with your life partner. Sitting with the hand of your partner in your palms under the sky in Oslo is an unforgettable experience.

Tram to Ekeberg

If you are an adventurous couple like us, you will not mind taking the hour-long sweaty hike to The Ekeberg Park. Most well-known for its strange art installations and 5000-year-old carvings on the Cliffside, this is a great place for picnics and first dates.

If you don’t like taking the sweaty trek, take the tram ride to Vettakollen. Located at the opposite of the city centre, this place has a view to die for minus the sweaty and exhaustive climb.

A date with Sculptures

The list would be impossible to complete without mentioning Vigelandsparken, the largest and most well-known sculpture park in the world. A date at this iconic park is free to enter, and it has numerous conversation starters so that you don’t get bored. Described by many as the perfect spot for a quick stroll and for being the conversation breaker and goer, Vigelandsparken has everything from one of a kind art to river banks to sit and talk about them. A BBQ under the sun, with your special ones at this place isn’t a bad idea at all.

Travel in time

The open-air folk museum at Oslo is one of the best in the city and during summers, the museum is brought to life by hundreds of Norwegian’s dressed in costumes, accompanied by idyllic sceneries and cute farm animals roaming around. The folk dance happening every hour and the old school sweet shop around the corner are events to watch out for.

Go Interactive

Other than the open air museum at Oslo, another great place to interact and know more about your partner is the NMST or the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology located at northern Oslo. The museum allows you to try out your skills against each other or coordinate projects, all the way guaranteeing that you will learn something or the other along the way and get to know more about your partner.

Explore Tyne and Gamle Oslo

If you and your partner love to dip your foot in history books and travel back in time, exploring Gamle Olso and Tyen can’t be the wrong place to go. Gamle Oslo is the site of the old city of Oslo and features many pretty ruins and some of the most colourful 19th-century city blocks.

Tyen, the town right after Gamle Oslo, hosts the new and upcoming city of Oslo and boasts of some of the cheapest and best Eastern restaurants, serving the best meal in the city.

To Toboggan or Not to be Toboggan

For those of your visiting the city in winters, tobogganing is a great sport. Located at Korketrekkeren on the same metro line as Holmenkollen and Vettakollen. There are two alternatives to enjoy this adrenaline rush sport, one is to bring your own toboggan or rent one out. The metro line runs through the hill, and therefore you can go up and down as many times as you want. Although some might regard this sport as being scary, it is surely perfect for the adrenaline junkie couple. Since talking might be a little hard on the way down, this date is more suitable for couples who already know each other.

A stroll around Sognsvann Lake

One of the most popular lakes just outside the city centre is the Sognsvann Lake. You can reach there either by taking a quick metro ride or a 20-minute walk. The main attraction why people flock to this place round the year is the fact that it is a great place for swimming in summer and a more popular destination for skiing in winters.

All in all, Oslo is a great city for travellers from around the world of all budgets and all sizes.

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