Zoosk Dating Review – 2019

Zoosk Review - 2019


Over all rating



  • Quick and easy to sign up
  • Lots of special features
  • Profile verification makes the site very safe


  • A paid membership is required to message people
  • Most members are under 44

Zoosk was started in December 2007 on Facebook as an app for the dating site. Since that Zoosk has been able to offer special dating experience around the world for more than 35 million users. Users who use the Zoosk will be able to get an update in case there is a potential matching partner. Zoosk has the ability to connect two people on Facebook and in iPhones.

Zoosk does not rely on questionnaires, like other dating sites. It just analyzes the message that the user will submit and determine in case if it is possible for you to date with the other user. There is no need for you to browse through the whole profile of the user since Zoosk will get the best partner for you.

Sign up process

To be a member of Zoosk it is absolutely free, you can connect your zook account on google and facebook. The signing up process is very simple and it will take a few minutes for you to get the best partner who matches with you. Users will not be asked to answer endless questions about the qualities and other personal things that they seek in the other partner. You will be required to give your contact address, photo and other information. It is able for you to see the other users’ profile. In case you wish to have extra features of Zoosk you will have to pay a small amount of fees.


Zoosk has not laid down any strict measures and policies since they wish to assist the users to get their perfect match. The user can be assisted to get a date with another user. The more you are able to engage yourself with Zoosk the more you are likely to get a date. The smart pick features can give you the guidelines on how to locate a user who matches with you.

Profile carousel

This serves as the profile manager and hunter. It uses the behavioral matching feature in locating the profiles of other users whom you share the same skills and hobby. The more you use the carouse , the more you will have the opportunity of finding a partner.


They let the members do the searching the way they like. As one of the good features of Zoosk site they do allow every member to view for themselves the profiles of other members that they think is beneficial. The more you are able to engage yourself with this site, the more the site will know how they can offer you the best match. You will be able to get the ZSMS which is one of the unique survey Zoosk that assist the user to answer questions that he/she can locate the best matching partner.

Zoosk smart pick matchmaking service.

This feature is able to share the profiles of the users to other users every 24 hours by considering their hobbies, message, profile and other information. If the match is able to see he/she has an interest with that user, it will indicate alike. This will start the matching process and Zoosk will start to introduce the two of you.

Other features

All the free members have the opportunity of sending a virtual gift to other users so as to attract more dates in future. However, you must add the word waiting so that the other user can try to connect to you whenever the right time comes.

Mobile app

You can also have full access to the Zoosk and its updates on your mobile device This app has all the features and it is easy for you to use it at any time that you wish.

Security and safety

One of the vital thing about the Zoosk is the safety and security that it offers to the users. Whenever a new user tries to interact with this platform, the Zoosk must run a background review so that it checks the profile of that users. It is able to use verification videos, phones, and media so as to ensure that it is the legitimate user who is trying to access the platform. While you are using the Zoosk apps you will get a verification video which will guide you on what you can do to validate your identity. The system will then look at your photo so as to verify your photo

With Zoosk you will be assured that you are protected whenever you are browsing so that nobody will be able to seek what you are doing online. The users are assured of 100% protection since they are given some safety measures that they have to undertake.

Success stories

Zoosk is a very popular site and there are so many couples who have met on Zook and they have ended up living a happy life together. This is not a surprise as there are more than 35 million members in this site who are spread all over the world in more than 70 countries.

When you look at Zoosk you will see a section for testimonials written by couples who met on Zoosk and they found true love. In reality, it is the mission of Zoosk to assist singles to get and keep the love that they have found.

Zoosk also documents every couple that they assist to get the best partner that matches them. Browsing through Zoosk you will find how beneficial it is and how it can make you happy.

Customer support

Zoosk have the best customer support. They do have an excellent FAQ section and in case your query of the problem is not answered in this section, you have the option of getting in touch with them by Facebook, email, and telephone. The support services that you will be given are very effective in answering all the questions that you may have regarding this platform. It is high time that you text your message and you will receive an immediate response to your questions.


Zoosk.com is one of the best sites that assists many people who are single. Zoosk.com has become one of the best dating sites on the internet which can assist you to find the right partner. The success stories that are revealed by the people who have used it demonstrates how they connect singles in getting a partner that they have to live a happy life with. It is high time that you try to discover how amazing Zoosk.com is and the process to get your future spouse.

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