Review of EbonyFlirt – 2019

EbonyFlirt Review - 2018


Over all rating



  • Great place to look for naught black singles
  • 3 days membership trial
  • Fast registration process


  • Some profiles are fake
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

Are you a married, single or feels like messing around? will make all your fantasies real. EbonyFlirt is the home of all adult men that still feel they are not done with the flirt game. Right in this site, you will find the women that fit your perfect descriptions. I know you are curious but it is happening. EbonyFlirthas got you covered. is handled by the together holdings limited. Hold on it does not mean Ebonyflirt have gone black. Ebonyflirt gets Caucasian visitors every day for those that want to add Caucasian to their mix.

You will be amazed by the intricate features our site possesses. EbonyFlirt.Com is able to connect you with users from around and wide quickly as it aims to make the experience of all men better. Just through its simple search box, you can be able to locate a lovely, wicked and charming match just miles from you. Any man on this site interested in making a long-term relationship, have some fun, make a friend or have a casual date has the chance to use our video chat and messenger features to get their message to their prospect. gratifies that hot desire that will keep you glued to your computer wanting to impress and be impressed. You can be able to get your casual dating game on if you have lost a grip on it. does not stop there. The fun just began. If you are that person that is sick of commitment then you are most welcome. If you are looking for pleasure, this site makes that fun last. This great community enables you to get that person that fits the fun description. The person that will make you feel better, the person that will touch you right where you want it to feel good.

Ebony does not give you the exact person you want. You get the one you want, do your thing and make it worth your while. Our site gets new users every month. You are one of them. Get right here man and pick one. Sign—up Process

To register at the is free. You can create a full profile with just a few minutes on your phone or PC. You do not have to say all about you but all you want her that is also looking for you to know. Basic information like the name and age are important in getting you right where you want. Do not shy away from describing yourself. Oh! Do not forget to upload a profile picture just to make yourself know. allows you to search profiles manually right from wherever you are. The matching features of this site are not the same as those you have come across in other sites. We have made it possible for you to slip in a photo, the age, the location to find your right partner. The moment you land on that lady, send them a hot message, poke them or flirt with them and let the games begin.

Even if this online dating site does not offer automatic or instance matches, we are able to provide you with the best video and messaging experience.

Unique Features

Peculiar features that make it stand out on top of other dating sites represent There is the match feed, the flirt cast, the like gallery, promote my account feature and the naughty mode and the chatrooms.

The Match Feed

Just like how a live newsfeed you are able to get real-time prospects. Here you are able to access all the current members, their profiles, their statuses, their wants and launch your A game. The feed keeps you up to date such, you are able to know who is active and available to chat with.

Promote My Account

This feature allows site users to improve profiles to meet their needs. Here you can be able to load hobbies, opinions, headlines and interests about relationships to your profile. You can be able to promote your account to increase profile rate through the use of the promote my account feature which acts an upgrade to a basic user account.

The flirt cast feature offers an enjoyable way of accessing contact with others. Flirt casts are what we call highly flirty messages that easily attract the attention of potential partners. They are away to get some to reply. They pique attention and through a simple reply, there is the beginning of a meaningful conversation.

The Like Gallery Feature

This feature is popular in many social media sites. Here a user can swipe through media on-site gallery to pick with the help of a photo the person they like. A user can eliminate those they admire and leave the ones they would love to be involved in.

The Chat Room Feature

Just like a discussion forum, members or users of can enter into or start their own chat rooms within the site. Here a user confers with multiple users from other parts of the world. However, this feature is only available to premium subscribers. After profile completion, the use upgrades with a given fee to be able to use chat rooms.

The mobile app

This is another feature the offers. With your Android or iPhone wherever you go you can continue having your good time with your partner or potential partner. This app just keeps the vibe, you do not need to be next to a computer to be part of theirlife.

The Naughty Mode Feature

Here users are allowed to turn on the naughty mode in order to share nudes. Could be pictures and videos. This just to beef up your experience and make it real. A partner could request a nude, this makes it possible to have fun just wherever you are.

Safety and Security Feature

Dating is just as sensitive as life can be. Security comes first, every user is protected by the safety and security policy feature. is Geotrust secured an anti-fraud technology. Your personal details are also not shared and any missteps and misdemeanours by a user lead to a direct ban from the use of the site.

Customer Support

In the case, a user experiences any problem in the site; they are able to get the support of the customer support. This service is available in the 24 hours of every day. You can call support or email and the staff get back to you.


The allows you to meet new ladies from all over. The site will match you with the person you desire. Its features are simple to use. You will not regret interacting through this platform!

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  1. I think a lot of these dating sites are a con, all they want is your money.
    some of the sites do not let you see the person who wants to contact you, I am not going to pay for something I cannot see.
    You should be able to see the person that wants to contact you and be able to send at least 1 free message, then pay after that. So I prefer foxy and dateme1st.

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