Review of Lisa 18 – 2019

Review of Lisa18 - 2019


Over all rating


Mobile Friendly



  • Ideal for young, wild, no-strings-attached sex dates
  • Free for women
  • You can blur your photo and only let chosen members see it


  • Open search is not allowed
  • No mobile app available

Lisa 18 is no longer available why not check out our New Honey Review of go directly to the site.

Lisa18 has been around for a quite a while, and its brand matches its services. Women who use the site really do use it for flings and casual encounters, and most of the users know exactly what they want to get from other members.
Lisa18’s platform also encourages people to be open and straightforward with their intentions, which helps users to move past being coy with each other. For example, a quick search on the site will allow you to see the sexual desires of most female users before you even have to message them, which is a great way to avoid awkward encounters.

Comparison With Other Dating Sites
As far as dating sites go, Lisa18 serves people who are looking for strictly casual, experimental and erotic encounters. Sure, there are plenty of sites like that in 2018, but what sets Lisa18 apart from other platforms is that it is aimed at a younger, wilder demographic.In fact, as of 2018, Lisa18 was estimated to have around 13 million users, and a significant portion of that are younger people looking for new experiences to broaden their horizons. But that’s not to say it’s all young people here. Lisa18 also attracts a lot of older members, including those who’ve seen some action in their time.

The Sign Up Process
Registration is simple, like in most dating and hookup sites. You will be guided through several questions, which you will need to fill out to complete your profile.
Once you have finished all the questions, you will be given the option to either show your profile photo to the public or blur it for everyone except chosen members that have your permission.

Member Profiles
Most user profile information that you will encounter on Lisa18 are limited. They will include a few bits of information about their personality and interests, but most of the information will focus on their erotic tastes.
Also, 5 photos are selected from the “erotic gallery” to represent each user’s sexual preferences. One word of caution though. Users who don’t have their own default profile photo are given the photo of a beautiful woman, which mean that some profile photos can be misleading.

Contacting Fellow Users
Lisa18 often matches members automatically, and will send out contact proposals whenever the system finds a match for each user’s preferences. Such proposals are accompanied by the matching users’ age, gender and sexual preferences.
Additionally, the message button is conveniently available next to the name of your match, so that you will be able to contact them easily.

Design and Features

When compared to other dating and hookup sites in 2018, Lisa18 doesn’t have any special designs. The site itself looks professional, and it’s relatively well organized, but that’s about it. The site also doesn’t have a lot of ads, which is a good thing because sites that do have ads tend to be difficult to use.
As for Lisa18’s Erotic Gallery, it offers a wide ranging group of photos from walks along the beach to BDSM, and users can select up to five images to describe their sexual preferences.
Finally, Lisa18 also allows its users to keep track of the rest of site. This information can be found at the top portion of the site and includes such info as new members, conversations, birthdays and more.

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