Review of Be2 – 2019

Review of Be2


Over all rating



  • Personality analysis is very informative
  • Website and app are ad-free
  • Advanced compatibility algorithm


  • Premium cancellation only available through fax
  • Sending and reading messages only for premium users

As the name suggests, Be2 is a matchmaking dating site that strives to ensure all men out there find their rightful matches in love. The website was launched back in 2008 and if reviews are anything to go by, it has not disappointed at all.

Be2 uses complex scientific algorithms that make use of all the anthropological, psychological and the sociological data of the user, so as to offer its users with compatible partners. You begin by taking a test, after which you will receive an analysis of your personality as well as a detailed description of the partner you are looking for. The website is currently available in 39 countries and the following is a detailed review of them.

How Do You Sign Up?

The sign-up process is not only free but relatively easy. The hardest [but certainly necessary] part is the personality test that is intended to give the website your information that can then be harnessed to help you find your compatible match.

After the test, you will need to provide a profile photo to make you more discoverable. You will also be asked questions about your goals, views and lifestyle and it is imperative you answer them as honestly as possible as they will be used during the matchmaking process.

How To Make Contact

First off, you need to check your compatibility with your potential partner before contacting them. The number located on the bottom-right on the profile photo of your match will denote this so. Clicking on the number will redirect you to their profile and you can now take it from there.

The general practice is to always insist on those with higher compatibility potential before following them up on their profiles.

Profile Quality

In order for you to find your potential matches with ease, the site will need as much of your personal details as possible. Such details will be used to bump up your profile and analyze your compatibility with other members.

In order to make it easy for Be2 algorithms to work out this complex analysis, it is important to answer all questions during the sign-up procedure, even those not necessarily marked as mandatory. This way, the matching algorithms will use your biodata to match you with all the website’s current active potential partners.

Keep In Touch With The Be2 App

You can track all your activities by using the Be2 app. The app can be purchased online on sites such as Google Play and iTunes. The app comes under standard membership which as you probably already know, locks you out of many tools and features.

For instance, you cannot view messages as well as photos and profiles of other members. The best way to go about this is to upgrade to the premium membership which, though is costlier, has lots of additional features you will surely like.

Get The App Here.

Web Design

Ease of navigation is the first thing you will notice about the Be2 website. The website layout is simple, with functions carefully arranged and with the navigation features easy to spot.

Being a dating site, you may need to explore as many profiles as possible without feeling lost when you want to go back to your profile. The simplistic navigation tools and functions make this a possibility.


Without meaning to be salesy, Be2 website offers some of the most competitive rates. The only catch is that you need to remain updated so you are not charged without your knowledge. The premium membership level is designed in such a way that the subscription will renew before its expiry date.

Also, you may want to cancel your subscriptions in case you have already found your match, provided you take note of the 14-days window for doing so. However, the site offers a bonus package to those who are not so lucky in their search, in that your premium membership is extended for free in case you are unable to find a contact with at least ten of their matches.

What’re The Site’s Best Features?

JUST ask – This is a feature that enables you to ask your matches certain pre-texted questions. These questions have been harnessed from certain personality traits and through them, you are able to discover so much about your potential match even without a formal conversation.

Be2 Index – The Be2 index is arrived at by analyzing the information on your profile information as well as the ones you gave in the personality test during the sign-up stage. Basically, it takes into consideration various aspects such as distance versus attachment, rationality versus emotionality, observation versus feeling and tradition versus innovation. From these variables, it is easier for the site to evaluate how compatible you are with a member before proceeding to match you up with them.


We would recommend Be2 for a variety of reasons but for now, the most outstanding one of which is the fact that they use scientific algorithms to help members find their matches. Check out the website if you are looking for a partner who is honest, mature and above all, one after your own heart.

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