10 Useful Online tips for Men.

I have ventured into online dating for a good duration. Men, in their bid to woe me have made loads of avoidable mistakes. An incidence which is still fresh in my mind is when a guy we had been chatting requested for my phone number. I hastily gave it out thinking he would like to […]

Review of Lisa18 – 2018

Overview Lisa18 has been around for a quite a while, and its brand matches its services. Women who use the site really do use it for flings and casual encounters, and most of the users know exactly what they want to get from other members. Lisa18’s platform also encourages people to be open and straightforward […]

Review of Be2 – 2018

Introduction As the name suggests, Be2 is a matchmaking dating site that strives to ensure all men out there find their rightful matches in love. The website was launched back in 2008 and if reviews are anything to go by, it has not disappointed at all. Be2 uses complex scientific algorithms that make use of […]

Review of C-Date – 2018

C-date Casual sex dating is on the rise, and it is essential for those seeking the services to evaluate various sites or read reviews of the available sites online. One of the casual sex dating sites that are trending on the virtual web interface is c-date. The site is designed to enable users to navigate […]